It’s bullshit. Masturbation is good for your health, that’s a proven fact. Here’s a great article from the Independent newspaper that outlines lots of the benefits:

However, this doesn’t mean it’s always a good thing. The key question is whether you masturbating twice a day is negatively affecting your life – is it preventing you doing your best in studies or work. You’re clear that is isn’t, which is great, so no it’s not a problem there either.

The last way it can be a problem is if you feel guilty about it, and this is very common, especially for those with religious backgrounds. Speaking as an ex-catholic school kid I can authoritatively state that the catholic stance of masturbation being a mortal sin is bullshit too, based on a single passage where a guy pulls out when he was instructed to fuck his widowed sister-in-law (as he didn’t want to give her a kid that by law wouldn’t be his). His cum ‘spilling on the ground’ really wasn’t what got God angry here, a  muppet could call that. But apparently the Pope thinks horny priests is a good idea, whatever could go wrong with that picture.

Speaking in general to my readers though, can I just encourage you, if you are feeling guilty, just to take some time out to think (and if it’s your thing, pray) about it. I struggled with this hugely growing up, a constant feeling of guilt about masturbation, and looking back that was just a huge waste of my time and energy. Either resolve to not waste time feeling guilty about this, or talk to a trusted friend or advisor about your struggle with it, don’t just let it make you feel like crap.

As that article reports, the vast majority of us masturbate, almost everyone has to deal with this. You are not alone, and it’s okay!

Thanks for the question Anon, always happy to answer stuff like this, I’m so glad you felt you could ask it.


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