I’ve currently got eight books available on Amazon.

My first book, The One-Bar Prison was a number one Amazon Erotica Bestseller, and all three of the Chastity Contract series have been in top 20 in Erotic Suspense with Entrapped, the first in the series being #1 in Amazon’s charts for all erotica in the UK, Germany, Spain and for erotic suspense in the USA.

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Books by James Hardcourt:

Kink by the Numbers series

  1. The One-Bar Prison
  2. Tease for Two
  3. Three-Line Whip
  4. On all Fours

The Chastity Contract series

  1. Entrapped
  2. Enticed
  3. Encased

Friends with Kinky Benefits

Friends with Kinky Benefits book 1

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