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I’m sure you’ve heard of Patreon, and you’ve probably heard what an anti-adult content approach they’ve taken in the last year.

I’d been thinking of setting a Patreon up but that and other reasons wasn’t comfortable with using them. That’s when I heard about SubscribeStar. These guys have taken an actively positive approach to adult content, and have cleverly set part of their service using the .adult domain, which helps keep it safer from those who shouldn’t be seeing it.

Find out how you can support my writing and publishing of erotica, focused on edging and orgasm denial – and also join with me on my publishing journey:

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Hi everyone, I hope you’re well in these crazy times. How about something fun and positive to focus on, because…

…it’s that time of year again! JuNO time! 

I thought I’d put together a little Infographic for the basic rules this year, I hope you like it.

Here’s the link for the optional sign-up:

Sign-up to JuNO 2020

This year’s theme – Edging Erotica

This year we’re going to have a special theme to the twists I post on the blog – they’re going to be focused around Erotic Writing, especially with an edging theme. As many of you will know I’ve been putting some time into that myself and this is going to be the first time I put some of that out publicly. But I’m also going to be encouraging you to write too! 

I couldn’t resist, the tag’s got to be JuNOWriMo, right? 

Journaling has always been a fabulous part of JuNO – sharing your experience on your blog or an anonymous secondary blog. But this year we’re going to go further. Some of the tasks are going to involve you writing down, maybe even sharing your fantasies, and if you’re so inclined, maybe some sexy stories too. All while you’re edging, of course! That’s all optional but I know how many budding writers there are out there, and maybe this will be the encouragement you need.

Anyway, that’s it for now, watch this space for more info, sign up, and get edging!

With love and elbow bumps,