Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Sir, I was doing so well on no touch, only allowing myself to hump an ice pack (the numbing making it harder to come) but even so I had an accidental ruin. Is it normal to feel like you’ve literally “ruined” all your hard denial work when this happens? I’m the type of denial slut that doesn’t want to come, so even ruins feel like fuck-ups and kind of dampen my denial spirits. Any suggestions for ruins without the disappointment/guilt spiral? Or should I just skip them? Thank you, Sir! -B

Hey B, Firstly bonus points for innovation! Humping an ice pack, genius! (If anyone copies […]

Blog Post

I love your blog! It keeps me company late at night ;) I just never manage to edge though. The thing is, self denial doesn’t really work for me. My whole kink centers around being told what to do, being made to do stuff and being controlled. Edging and denial factors heavily there, but self denial doesn’t. I don’t have a significant other currently, so no help from there. What do you recommend? Is there maybe some good audio I could listen to, that would give me that “controlled” feeling?

I honestly think you’re fine! If self denial genuinely doesn’t work for you then don’t […]