I assume you don’t want help actually cumming, as there’s advice on that everywhere, and, well you wouldn’t write to an orgasm denial blog for advice on that, right? That would be, really dumb.

No I’ll assume you want encouragement, help, with your situation (that’s what you’re going to get anyway).

Despite what all the magazines and your friends tell you, you need to know, it’s okay that you’ve never cum.

In fact, it makes you very special indeed. Anorgasmia (that’s what it’s called) can be seen as a blessing, not a curse.

You’re what I call a ‘natural’ or the even cuter ‘Brand new in box’. Yes, just like those rare collectables that have never even had their wrapper taken off, you’re a rare and beautiful thing.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid masturbating or stimulating yourself, oh no, quite the opposite. You see, because you can’t cum it means you can do even more of it. And the wonderful thing is you stay incredibly horny and desperate and wet all the time, and there’s no way to relieve that. 

It’s how you’re meant to be.

It means you’ll always want more; more edging, more fucking, your broken little cunt getting filled to the brim again and again with cock and cum and you’ll still be left wanting more.

You’re perfect, just the way you are.

In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret. Lots of the girls who read this blog secretly wish they were like you! In fact they’re masturbating right now thinking what it would be like to never have had cum, to always feel horny and desperate without any chance of relief. The naughty ones might even cum reading this, how ironic!

They might even send you little notes of encouragement when they read this telling you it’s okay and how hot it is to be a BNIB (although the mean ones may tell you how good it feels to cum, don’t listen to them, they’re just jealous).

And if you want help on your journey then there’s one blog, written just for you by a friend of mine. It’s called Brand New in Box and it’s all about the blessing of anorgasmia.

I want you to read it, read it all, again and again, as you rub your broken little clit. It’s okay if you cry, it’ll take time to accept just how special and lucky you really are. Tears make the best lube.

Good girl.

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