Thanks for this ask, it’s a good one. What you haven’t told me is if while you’re not cumming, you ARE still edging?

That’s the difference between denial, and chastity. Denial looks to stop you having the sexual release of orgasm but still keep you horny as ever through edging or other physical and mental stimulation. Chastity is abstinence from cumming or other sexual stimulation (as enforced by a cock cage or chastity belt for example).

While we have a form of chastity we explore in denial, which I tend to call ‘no touch’, this is usually done in strictly limited amounts to prevent exactly what you’re describing.

Because yes, if you abstain from not only cumming, but any kind of sexual stimulation too, for some (not all), your libido will drop as you describe.

The other point I want to make though is that everyone’s experience may vary. It’s quite possible that you are trying edging and without orgasms your sex drive just disappears. That’s okay! It just means denial isn’t for you (it’s super rare in my experience though). Similarly, I know women who can be put in a chastity device and be insanely horny all the time just from the mental stimulation of it all. 

And beyond that, there’s often a pattern to denial that varies from person to person. Some love it for a day or two, but don’t enjoy it beyond that, others love it for a week or more. Some will cream their panties if I say, ‘I might let you cum, for Christmas’. 

Discovering how you respond, to denial duration, edging frequency, no touch, anal only and all the other wonderful variations of orgasm denial is part of the fun and diversity of this wonderful kink.

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