More definitions from the denial guru!

No touch – your pussy is out of bounds, no clit play, no fucking – no serious stimulation of that area. However breast and nipple play is positively encouraged, and anal play is good too. Humping is allowed, but only as a desperate short hump, nothing prolonged unless instructed. Thigh masturbation is allowed too, but again, nothing more than soft edging from that (in case you’re a thighmaster and could do more). Stuffing is allowed if instructed.

Anal only – as above, clit and pussy are out of bounds. However in effect your ass is replacing them both. It’s to be masturbated like you would your clit. It’s to be fucked like you would your vagina. Your breasts are absolutely to be played with until you’re going totally crazy. Meanwhile your poor denied pussy does nothing but drip, drip, drip.

Strict no touch – no stimulation at all. No clit play, no pussy play, no nipple play unless told otherwise. No anal. No humping, no nothing. This is usually a punishment. It’s a bit boring, that’s part of the point.

That’s how I tend to work it, but I still vary it according to whatever I think will mot arouse the person I’m denying, so yeah, take those as starting points and don’t be afraid to tweak.

So yes, I’d say stuffing with the kegel balls is great, but you can’t fuck them, they just stay in you, and make it worse!

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