New toy? Or frustration?

So I’m allowed to masturbate with a toy as long as it’s penetration only. No clit. Because I am learning to cum from penetration and at the moment I can’t.

The goal is not to make me suffer, but to reteach my mind and body that my all my sexual pleasure should come from penetrative sex. In short… from his cock directly. My orgasms still belong to him.

So I had a toy in the drawer I started using. Its slim and tapered to a slimmer point and it’s completely smooth. It’s broken so it wont vibrate which is good because real cocks don’t vibrate. It feels nice but the more I’m using it the more I’m realising that the complete lack of texture means I can’t cum from it. It just seems to make me wetter and wetter to a point I have trouble holding it because it’s slippery. Then for hours afterwards I just leak uncontrollably. It leaves me feeling incredibly horny and in desperate need of a real cock or something cock shaped that will rub in the right places.

Now my question is. Do I continue to stick with this toy as it certainly makes me wet, horny and focused on wanting cock. Or do I buy a cock shaped toy so I can feel more pleasure when masturbating?

I’m torn from wanting to enjoy masturbation more and feel more but worried I’d get addicted to it, to enjoying the fact I crave his cock in me so much and hope that the desperation from unsatisfying masturbation will eventually make me cum from sex.

Do I buy a new toy? Or learn to accept the frustration?

Oh what a dilemma! I’m torn!

You could save on the toy and buy a non-slip glove for now, this sounds like excellent training and quite the mindfuck. 

However I’d also suggest you buy a suction cup dildo in the future; movement is such an important part of learning to cum from penetration alone. In actual sex you’re rarely just lying there, having a cock slurp in and out. You’re usually much more active.

See how it’s going to hit the spot when you’re doing it like this?

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