He’d caught the mermaid, and sure enough the first full day out of the water transformed her tail into legs. But his father had taught him well, and he knew that it was the next three days that really mattered.

The mermaids, cursed by the deities to always be aroused, but never able to touch where it ached inside, would find true freedom if, when they took the risk of giving up their tail, they were able to take full pleasure in the parting of their legs.

But if someone could keep them from release for just three dawns and three sunsets, they would be forever in their power, and their sexual need would keep them enraptured to them, and hopefully it would turn to love. As long as they were never given that climax, of course.

How she begged, how she pleased. The songs she sang melted his heart and the promises of what she’d do to him if he just untied her almost broke him. But not quite. He knew all that would be his, if he could just wait until nightfall.

He couldn’t wait to take her home to meet his parents. He was sure his mother would able to comfort her, having shared a similar fate so long ago.

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