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I have been thinking about orgasms lately and how I have never had someone else make me cum and it made me start to really think about when l “cum”. I put that it quotes because I am starting to think I am not really cumming. I tend to stop when it feels overwhelmingly good and then I am left wet and squirmy. I always assumed that overwhelmingly good was cumming but as I read it seems I might just be edging or ruining them. How do I know? — Squirming Sage.

Hello Sage,

Do your ‘orgasms’ leave you aching for more? Could you rub your clit hard just seconds after you ‘cum’? Do your ‘climaxes’ leave you feeling satisfied and blissed out or are you hornier than ever?

Hmm, I wouldn’t worry about it. Sounds like you’re having perfect ‘orgasms’. I mean, imagine if you’d never actually cum. Wouldn’t that be crazy? You’ve only ever edged and perhaps ruined your orgasms?  I mean, a girl like that, she’d be drawn to blogs that encourage her to just… keep on doing it. She’d get turned on by that idea. She’d get all aroused at the idea of having accidentally never cum, and now, deliberately continuing it.

So Squirming Sage, I’d say, just keep on doing what you’re doing. 

It’s perfect.

Good girl,


Hi James! I’m wondering if ‘over-edging’ (like, >50 in a row) can possibly lead to a subdrop, kind of situation within the next 24 hours or so? I was allowed to edge as much as I wanted yesterday and basically edged my brains away before I slept, but I ended up with a horribly restless night, a pounding headache in the morning, and kind of just feeling off and down for the rest of the morning. I can’t seem to find much literature online about this though, so I thought the denial guru could help!

Yes, doing it that much can definitely have an emotional effect (as well as wear out your poor little clit!). Remember edging is getting your brain to produce feel good hormones that swirl around your system. But like anything, too much of it can be negative – your body and brain just don’t know what to do with it all.

The good news is that a ruined orgasm can flush all that through in my experience. The oxytocin released takes the edge off everything and brings the frustration down to manageable levels.

You’re probably not drinking enough too. Don’t discount how much you leak and perspire edging that much. You need to be keeping hydrated!

So, next time you have a marathon edging session, and feel that way, try a ruin to keep things under control. And let us know how you get on.


hi james it’s stephanie from yesterday with just a little bit of an update, sir was pleased with how i behaved and gave me some of the most beautiful and intense forced orgasms i have ever been blessed to feel, i was a sobbing shaking mess and half way through master had to put a ball gag in my to keep my quiet, all in all it was very intense and painful but who so enjoyable so thank you so much for giving me permission! but now i’m on strict edging until the unforeseen future, thank you x

Oh I love updates, thank you Stephanie!

Well that sounds epic. I’m so glad it worked out so wonderfully!

I suspect you may have a long wait…

You’re welcome!


Hey James! Today I was edging but I came, luckily I ruined it. I tried out the wheel of punishment and got edge 2 times, so naturally I tried edging again. But I came again, and I was too distracted to ruin it ); I did the wheel of punishment 3 more times and now I’ve got to put toothpaste on my anus and my clit and sleep with a dildo in me )));

Well that sounds like quite the evening! ‘Too distracted’ huh, I’ve heard that before.

Hopefully you’ll have learnt from your punishments… but I doubt it.


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Light switches of the world


Denial edition:

Well this one won’t be an incentive to save energy for readers of this blog

Starwars nerd edition:

Unfortunate Catholic edition:

Deeply inappropriate Catholic edition:

(yes, it does actually say ‘honor they mother and father’ above the Jesus gloryhole)

Disney skank edition:

(Yep, that’s a fucking tattoo, on a woman who was offended when she got thrown out of Legoland because she had it bared around young kids…)

Lady edition:

Fawlty Towers real lady edition:

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Hi James! Frustrated denial bitch here. That female orgasm compilation video was so exquisitely cruel of you to post. I put toothpaste on my clit a few minutes before watching, letting the burn make me so painfully sensitive. Then, using my vibe, I edged and edged, watching the video several times over. Finally when I couldn’t stand it a moment longer, I hit an amazing peak, a single stroke, a held breath, a tightened muscle away from an incredible orgasm. I tipped over into bliss… (1)

And for the first time ever, pulled my hand away. A beautifully orchestrated climax, relief from all this tension, pure honeyed pleasure about to overwhelm me with release, and I ruined it. Now I am too sensitive to touch, toothpaste is still burning my clit, and I’m more frustrated than I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m a denial BITCH, I’m not supposed to feel this way! And even worse, I’m not supposed to like it! I blame you entirely…

You’re welcome.

The denial slut slide is only just beginning…

OMG I shouldn’t laugh, but…

My daddy is making me keep a vibrator on low on my pussy while I go on a hook up app to find a pussy for me to lick. And I’m not allowed to stop until I get a match and start a conversation. I can barely take it oh my god

I do wonder what people who are new to kink think of posts like these…

Her dad does WHAT?!

She doesn’t mean her actual dad, well, okay we can’t know that for sure but we all pretend that’s definitely what it means, right?