I love down to earth, practical questions like this, thank you!

Now, while I don’t have a vagina I do look after several, and those pesky periods can really put a dampener on your edging activity. Obviously as you say, the shower is an easy option, don’t neglect the bath too though. Yeah there’s blood in the water but unless you keep sharks that’ll be fine. Lots of bubbles and a pink scented bubble bath can help.

Tampons are a great help too. While they do get full faster if you’re edging, they make a divide between your cervix and your vulva so you can get wetter and play more without the blood making even more of a mess. I understand some women are hesitant about using tampons and it’s fine if you’ve tried them and haven’t liked it (although there are several different types that it really is worth exploring before you write them off). But if you’re not trying them out of some concern such as it’ll take your virginity (it won’t), it’ll break your hymen (it stretches), you can get toxic shock syndrome (super rare and needs you to forget it’s in there) then PLEASE read up on them and give it a try.

If you do use a towel then where you get blood on it run it under cold water (not hot or warm) for a minute, it’ll stop it fixing and spreads it so you don’t get a little ‘slut pattern’ left behind.

Oh and Diva say’s, ‘Go anal only, it’s the best way’

She thinks she was joking.


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