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Part 1/3 Hi James. I was sexting this guy I know last night and he wanted me to finger myself. I’ve done this before with one finger, and tried it with two, but the latter still hurts. Anyway, I really wanted to but I’m on my period so I told him it was a no-go. He was totally understanding, but then made a comment about how if he was here in person that wouldn’t faze him or stop him from playing with me in the slightest. 😳

I’ve grown up in a brown household where not only is sex taboo to talk about, but periods are even considered so gross that women are sometimes shunned from dinner tables for having them. So I was both shocked and flattered to know it didn’t bother him at all. But since I grew up that way, it’s hard for me to think of anyone going near that area, that time of moth, without it feeling a little uncomfortable and weird.

My question is: Where do you stand on this, and what are some ways I could embrace this? It’s actually a huge turn on for me that someone wouldn’t see that as a barrier of any sort. And now I’m wondering what would happen if I did manage to find a real life partner with the same open-minded attitude. Thanks!

What a great, and important question. 

Periods are a pain in the arse. And that’s coming from someone whose full extent of impact is that I’ll get a blow job or fuck my wife in the arse when she’s on hers. I know, male fucking entitlement right.

So, as to your question, there are a few things I can suggest. Firstly is the shower is your best friend here. Practically, if we do have period sex that’s almost always where we have it. Because it’s perfect. You get those cute pink trails down her legs as I fuck her and finally it mixes with cum. Yummy, almost artistic. 

So that’s where I’d start, edging and finger fucking yourself in the shower. Personally, I’d also try the bath, I have no qualms about sitting in hot, soapy bloody water but I’m sure others will.

Another twist lots of denial sluts enjoy is actually using it as a time you can’t touch. Or even only being allowed anal play during your period is an idea that many I’ve suggested it to find to be arousing. That last day of it, where you have to do a wipe test and if there’s the slightest hint of pink you’ve got another day’s no touch. Oh what erotic torture it is.

Really though, just kicking the stupid idea that it’s some kind of curse out of your headspace and being completely matter of fact about it will be an amazing breakthrough. Some find edging helps with their periods, others find emotionally and physically it makes it harder. Figure out what’s the case for you. Whichever is okay.

It is also my solemn duty to tell you about Moon Cups and their ilk because EVERY SINGLE TIME I post about periods I get lots of messages telling me I forgot. My wife has used them for years and for many they’re quite a gamechanger, so check them out.

I hope that helps,


PS Don’t wait for some sexting dude to tell you to finger yourself. Get horny, get some lube and get exploring. It’s your body, Have fun figuring out what it likes.

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For the period anon – if you want close to 0 blood to deal with while you play with yourself I recommend a menstrual cup! I’ve had one in while I’ve been eaten out/I know some friends who wear them during sex and it keeps the blood in really well!!

Dammit I ALWAYS FORGET MENSTRUAL CUPS. My wife uses the fucking things, how do I not remember. Oh yes, because I have a penis and only bleed from shaving…

Thanks OP, you’re a star. 

Also, only have sex with one in if the guy’s not got a big dick, or else he might come out looking like, well remarkably like this:

Dammit now I want a penis santa hat.

How can I edge on my period??

There’s a few options

  1. Use a tampon, it’ll get fuller faster due to how wet you get but it keeps it all neat and tidy, so just be prepared to change it earlier
  2. Edge in the shower – this is the easiest option and what a lot do
  3. Lie on a towel, just so you don’t worry about making a mess
  4. If you use pads, just be read to clean up afterwards quickly

It’s important to remember that edging can have two very different impacts when you’re having your period. For some it makes the cramps way worse and for others, it makes them much better. Go figure.

If you’ve never done it during your period it’s absolutely worth trying, in case you’re part of the latter group. But if it makes them worse then frankly, fuck that. Unless you’re a masochist of course, in which case fill ya boots.

Periods are a pain in the booty and I’m often thankful that I don’t have them but they are natural, normal things. Seeing them as unclean or bad, besides the painful bit, is just silly. One in four of most women are having their period right now. So maybe hold off edging at the heaviest and most painful bits, if it doesn’t help, but after two or three days most of you should be able to get right back on the denial bandwagon.

Any other tips my lovely followers, help a denial slut out…

My sir wants me to wear no panties with a shirt skirt for a day but I’m on my period:( would it be a turn off if I was wearing a tampon?

Not to me but people are weird about something 30% of the world’s population are undergoing monthly so you may want to ask him.

I’d just suggest you snip the string short so you don’t get a dangle.

Hi James, I want to participate in JuNO, but I wanted to ask if there’s any way I could have a day off on the first day of my period. I always get horrible cramps, and I cycle between taking baths and laying in my bed in the fetal position lol. I only get these cramps on the first day, I’ll be in a little bit of pain on the second but some medicine takes care of it. I just wanted to know if taking that day off would be cheating. Thanks!

Of course you can!

While i know many would love really strict rules, and of course you’re welcome to make them as strict as you want, this month, as you’ll see from all the wonderful journals popping up, is really about encouraging you to celebrate and explore denial, and just push yourself on a bit from wherever you are with it. Whether that’s completely new to denial or you have ‘Denial Slut’ tattooed on your ass. All are welcome.

Well get onto stricter and kinkier things as the month progresses but right now, it’s about everyone giving it a go, having some fun and getting wet and horny. 

Whatever works for you during your period is fine. Although many do find that edging can help with cramps (others find it makes it worse so YMMV)

O.o i used to be able to solve cramps woth orgasms. But recently, all it does is bring them back o.o but edging takes helps it go away o.o and even ruined orgasms make it worse. I can’t have any release on my period. Whyyyyyy oh whyyy o.o well i guess it’s time to start and try out a week of denial o.o if you want, you can give me a set emount of edges each day and so what. Or just let me edge every time i cramp. Welll this is gonna be hard either way o.o

I do find this fascinating. If edges really do prove better at reducing period pain than orgasms or anything else, can you imagine how great that’s be for spreading the Denial gospel?

Can I ask anon, and anyone else trying, to be a bit scientific about it, try both edging when cramps happen, but also doing it a set amount, perhaps three times a day, and see what’s most effective?

Thank you. This could be world changing. Or at least mildly pain reducing.

im very very horny but unfortunately i am on my period… are there any creative ways i can get off while bleeding?? please? im desperate.

Firstly, credit for using ‘while I’m bleeding’ – so good to just be straight about periods. They’re natural, annoying and nothing to be ashamed or coy about.

As for ideas, LOTS here:


I started my period yesterday and that means I’m on no touch for the next week. I listened to cal’s curse yesterday twice and I think I’m going to do the same for the next week. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the next week even more frustrating for myself even though I can’t properly edge? Thanks! – Kate

Hiya Kate,

Two words, ‘Anal Only’. 

Play as much as you can with your nipples all week, and when you masturbate, rub your asshole as though it were you clit, while you watch anal porn,

and browse this:


And these:


And some might even get off on this: https://novagina.tumblr.com/

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on!


Hey James, long time follower here I need your help with this: I’ve been edging all day today, and I don’t know if I should cum tonight or wait until my period is over. You see I’m about to come on my period tomorrow or after tomorrow, and wanted to cum beforehand (never cum while im on,i bleed more) butttttt….. I think it will be a good thing, not coming for about a week and only edging if i can. Can you please help me? ❤️❤️

I’d be happy to help. Good girl for edging all day and asking!

Don’t cum. Definitely a good thing.

FYI, while you may bleed more if you edge hard, ruin or cum on your period some report it shortens it overall (which makes sense as it’s contracting and pushing your menstrual blood out).