Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Part 1/3 Hi James. I was sexting this guy I know last night and he wanted me to finger myself. I’ve done this before with one finger, and tried it with two, but the latter still hurts. Anyway, I really wanted to but I’m on my period so I told him it was a no-go. He was totally understanding, but then made a comment about how if he was here in person that wouldn’t faze him or stop him from playing with me in the slightest. ?

I’ve grown up in a brown household where not only is sex taboo to talk […]

Blog Post

I haven’t been on denial for long and I was wondering if there were any other way to edge when I’m on my period that doesn’t require much clean up (besides the shower)? Not that I’m averse to cleaning, just that I react badly to the detergents needed to wash off the blood from towels. I wouldn’t want my mother to wonder why there’s blood in a specific place with a specific pattern on the towel O/ / / /O

I love down to earth, practical questions like this, thank you! Now, while I don’t […]