Here’s your task…

…give this to your boyfriend to read.

Hi, I hope it’s okay to write to you, bit weird I know, but stick with it. In a minute you should check out the rest of this blog, it’s what your girlfriend fantasises about all the time. Which makes you a very lucky guy.

Yes I know, it’s so hot to make her cum, but every time you do she’s secretly disappointed as she wanted you to stop, to leave her horny, wet, aching, and enjoy it.

She loves cumming too, don’t get me wrong, it’s just she loves not being allowed to even more. And then when you have denied her for a while she’ll LOVE the orgasms without any regret.

She’s so desperate she’s posting anonymously to my blog for tasks. But that’s your job. And I suggest you make her first one to go down on her knees as you browse this blog and have her give you the longest and sloppiest blow job you’ve ever had while you do.

Ask her questions about what you read here, look at her eager little face as she worships your cock. Maybe even let her touch herself, but make sure to add ‘No cumming, that’s not allowed!’ and watch her light up with happiness.

Your girlfriend has the single greatest kink it’s possible for a girlfriend to have. She wants to be kept horny, wet and desperate for you. So just try it out, two or three days at first, a week the next time, maybe longer, figure out what works best for both of you. 

She’ll have LOTS of ideas of how she would like it to be, make her tell you. Make her tell you as she ‘edges’ herself. Ask her what her secret  fantasies are, how she wants you to treat her. Don’t judge, just enjoy, they’re fantasies for now. You’re the lucky fucker who gets to decide which ones come true.

Good luck, and enjoy, that’s what she wants most of all.

PS This blog and talking to her should give you pretty much all you need to know but feel free to contact me if you want any advice.

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