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Hypnotism hadn’t worked, neither had the extended aversion training (although it had left its marks). So she resorted to the only solution guaranteed to prevent her slipping over the edge.

The serum was injected directly into her brain, the nanobots seeking out the amagdala and cerebellum, insinuating themselves so they would block the very final moment of climax. 

Her nucleus accumbens would be put into a continually excited state so that edging would release unprecedented levels of dopamine to reward all her future failed attempts at orgasm.

Finally her temporal lobe was commandeered. Something that would lead her to a state of ongoing arousal that was a hundred times worse than anything she’d known so far.

Her eyes also turned green. That was temporary. 

Everything else was permanent and irreversible.

Inspired by this great GIF by sleepystephbot

I can’t for the life of me understand why you switched to this theme. Two columns? With some of the longer stories you reblog, this means I have to scroll down – then scroll back up and figure out where I left off in the OTHER column – etc. The endless scrolling means I can’t bounce several pages back in your content if I want to browse through stuff I haven’t seen in a while, as well as, of course, freezing my browser if I try to load too far back at all. IDK what on earth you were thinking.

I appreciate the feedback. I have used this theme for five months now though, unless it’s updated and some setting has changed. And within a week of using it readership stats went up 20%, so that’s why I use it.

You make a good point about the long stories though, I’ll see what options there are to play with. Maybe turning of the continuous scrolling would be better?

Feedback on the look of the blog is always welcome so thank you very much!

On edge…

Not sure if i could actualy do this.. or even if my husband would be ok with it

Why…don’t you ask him? Most men find the idea of their wife being desperate wet and horny a good thing!


Me: May I edge now?
James: NO! Stuff that pussy
Me: I need to cook
James: stuff it anyway
Me: You’re so mean
James: You’re mine, I can do what I want with you
Me: But that doesn’t mean that you’re not mean!
James: You love it
Me: Yes I do.


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160325  Big Pleasure Stage

The girls had the stage to themselves at last. They’d read their manager’s note. He had noticed they’d been distracted since they’d started following that orgasm denial blog they’d found on Tumblr.
Despite the way it helped them act more sexily they were spending so much time edging that they weren’t writing any new material. So he’d read the blog and told them they were all on ‘No touch’ till further notice.
Sadly he hadn’t realised that this still meant they could play with their breasts… and being put on ‘no touch’ actually turned them all on even more.
Between themselves they made up a game. The first one to cave would be the others’ plaything for a week.
Hwasa rolled Wheein’s nipple between her finger and thumb, whispering in her ear, ‘I know how much you want to touch, your wet patch was obvious to all the crowd, go on, you can touch it, I’ll be nice, I promise’
Moonbyul and Solar laughed and cheered her on. At least if Wheein broke first they’d be able to use her mouth to finally get some relief!

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So I’m going to see my boyfriend in a week, and he’s never bee able to make me cum himself before. I’ve been denying myself for the past few days and plan on doing so until I see him because if I’m so wet and desparate maybe it’ll be easier for him to bring to to that edge. Any tips on how to prepare myself more?

Firstly, a great idea, it can help if you’re really desperate for it. It’s not the ultimate solution to the fact your bf hasn’t learnt to make you cum yet, but we’ll come back to that and talk about denial first.

So, my first tip would be let him know you’re doing this! Don’t, however, say anything about it being because you hope it’ll help him make you cum. Just tell him, ‘hey I thought it’d be hot if I play with myself and get really horny but don’t cum till we’re together!’ Maybe he’d like to do the same, that can be very hot.

If this is your first time with denial just don’t do it too intensively. You can over do it and wear yourself out a bit. And if you go over by accident, don’t worry about it, you’re just learning. You’ll be super horny from it all anyway. Even if it’s just 24 hours of edging and not cumming beforehand you will be going crazy for it.

Okay, so the second issue is your boyfriend figuring out how to make you cum!

There’s all kinds of reasons this might be.If you’re expecting it to happen just from sex, prepare to be disappointed. The majority of women (at least two thirds) NEVER cum from JUST fucking and even if you can, it takes time to master. So, the answer lies in him playing with your clit, with his fingers and his mouth. If he’s not done the latter send him away to read up on it before you meet – that’s his homework!

Lots of good stuff here:

However, to make it happen when you get together, the best way to do this is ‘mutual masturbation’. That’s the fancy term for playing with yourselves and each other, a lot! The important bit of this is YOU getting yourself close, and allowing him to help, kissing, touching, seeing what you do. This isn’t about sitting back and watching. It’s about making love, but with your hands and mouths. And if you get yourself close, and he learns how to touch you the way you like it, you’re going to have that first orgasm with him.

One rule. You cum first. (Boys, always a brilliant rule if you want to be a good lover). You play and tease him but that’s the game, he has to make you cum from learning how you do it, before he gets his rocks off. (and if he makes you cum more than once he gets bonus points).

Of course you do the same to him, but make him do it and you learn from how he touches himself, you’ll be surprised how different it might be.

I hope that helps! Whatever happens, have fun and enjoy each other.

The Dildo Drone – Now with a denial setting!

It may look like a giant killer pink mosquito but this latest development in the world of automated sex toys means you can now enjoy hands free pleasuring at the touch (or rub) of a button.

Now, due to demand, it comes with a denial setting that will monitor your response and prevent orgasm! 

Look out soon our very own models that ship to you fixed irreversibly to that setting!

Well Used


Yesterday my Sir came over to have some fun with his little denial slut. Our scene started with some shower fun. Vibe in, another one directly on my clothes. I kneeled in the shower servicing him as I felt the edge build up. Soon I was begging to be allowed to cum. That’s when he let me know the plan for the evening. I was to cum until I begged him to stop from the pain and pleasure of it all. Over and over he led to that edge and dropped me over. Soon I was a whining whimpering mess.
A brief respite while we left the shower, he wanted water so he made me walk down the stairs, waddle more like as I attempted to keep the vibes in. Stopping a few times to cum as my body continued to convulse as more and more orgasms were forced from me. Finally kneeling on the kitchen floor I broke down and started begging for him to stop. He did after just a couple more.
He left me with more instructions- 3 days no touch followed by 3 edges a day and at least 10 days of denial this time. He promised me I wouldn’t cum when I see him Saturday. I’m already wet and I want to touch my tortured clit. It’ll hurt so good.

A lovely little account of a D/s denial experience.