You are so welcome, this is wonderful feedback.

I’d try a few variations too – firstly if you have a grade exam or similar set yourself rewards for that too, like a weekend of cumming for a pass or five days cumming for a distinction.

Make sure to get some edges in during the week to keep you motivated, don’t just use them as a punishment on the Sunday.

Self-control is like a muscle, it grows as we exercise it. So for those of you for whom this seems impossible, just try smaller versions. You are only allowed to cum after you’ve completed your practise, exercise, or your assignment or revision. Then extend it a little longer as R has, a few days of hitting your targets lets you cum, a less perfect result gives you a ruin.

I’d say an orgasm once a week is probably a good level of motivation, but everyone will vary, you may need more to keep you going (or to stop you going crazy) or an orgasm once a month might be perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to try different things and find out what delivers the best results.

One of the things I love most about denial is it does develop your self control and I cannot over emphasise how important that is in having a successful and happy life. So try denial today for a better future tomorrow 😛

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