Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I find that denial is a good tool to make myself practice piano. If I practice for at least 45 minutes every day for an entire week AND learn the song that I wanted to learn, I can cum once on Sunday If I miss 1-2 days of practicing, I get a ruined orgasm. If I miss 3-4 days, I need to edge five times on Sunday. If I miss 5+ days, I have to edge 10 times on Sunday. This actually seems to work really well and is increasing my self-control! Thanks for introducing me to denial James ^_^ ~R.

You are so welcome, this is wonderful feedback. I’d try a few variations too – […]

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I kinda use edging as initiative to eat well and exercise (I.e. On days I eat perfectly and workout well I get to edge but on days I don’t it’s a no touch and if I blatantly fuck up my diet it’s looking at porn and no touch) but today I didn’t really eat all that well so it’s a no touch.. and then an old flame messages me on Facebook and we’ve been sexting for hours… fml ??? I wanna touch so badly… but I know I can’t.. I haven’t earned it.. ?

What a good girl! I’m very proud of you. If you have the discipline then […]