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I didn’t realize how big my collection is until I assembled them all to take this picture, hahah :3 I really love it. Some favorite things – the black butt plug has a jiggle ball in it! And those purple ben wa balls are too big to fit in me :/ but the pink ones, I just bought, and I can use those! The anal beads and rose gold clit clamp and nipple clamps were a gift from a follower, which was awesome, and they’re beautiful and feel great. That pink vibe is amazing, and other two are fun to slip into the pocket in the crotch of my panties or sometimes inside me. The blue beads make a fun crotch rope (just the crotch part, with a belt or something), and then the yellow thing is a pad of tacks which I don’t use often, but sometimes a little pain is what I need. And I didn’t include cling wrap but that’s fun to wrap up my legs with or make a crotch rope out of!

Anyways I’m just kind of going on, but yeah, this is my toy collection, hope you like it! And any fun ideas are always welcome, if they come to mind 😛

What a fabulous mix of toys and DIY gear! (You totally shop at Lovehoney don’t you, I recognise lots of those!

And clingfilm, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that but it’s brilliant for mummification play – nice! (Nowhere near your face though people and be careful not to overheat).

That’s a lovely set of toys, thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

I’ve just started experimenting with self-bondage, and I’ve found a foolproof way to stay horny all day, which is something I’ve had difficulty with when doing orgasm denial. (no touch = no effect, basically, and edging works for a while then wears off) Self-tied crotch rope with the rope thin enough that you can’t see it even though skinny jeans. Should I go out in public with it and edge in bathrooms, or wear it but put myself on no touch? I don’t have a dom/me, so I’m having to DIY it! -Beth

Hi Beth!

I LOVE crotch ropes, they really are the best. I think my crotch rope instructions are what really got this blog on the tumblr map.

I suggest you try all those options. Out in public, edging and no touch.

I personally like to make a sub do a really hard edge and then tie it on and have no touch from then – just drives you crazy – the rope pressing in you and rubbing away secretly as you try to resist the temptation to make it better.

Also it goes really well with wearing a toy, a dildo or butt plug with a flat base that the rope pushes in and out as you bend over. So good. 

Wearing that overnight is a real mind fuck as you squirm and writhe around in a horny daze.

Handily suction cup dildos are perfect for that as they almost always have a suitable base (although you want one that isn’t too big and ideally doesn’t have balls which many of them do).

For more advanced self-bondage give a body harness a go:

You’re one of the best blog I’ve ever seen. Not only the posts you make or reblog are very sexy but you’re also very helpful with you advices (also bonus points for the fact you’re a feminist, because humilation and degrading are great but when the person is really misogynist and really think women are the inferior sex is a real turn-off)

Thank you! 

How long (or how many) does it take for forced orgasms to start becoming tortuous? I’ve never had the opportunity to be in a situation to figure it out for myself, but I think I might be in the future… ;)

About five to seven SECONDS in most cases! With a vibe on there you get hyper sensitive REALLY fast. You just unconciously back off when you’re doing it normally, but deliberately keeping the stimulation going gets tortuous really damn fast.

Thanks for your advice on how to go down on a girl! It is definitely required reading. Would you mind doing it for how to go down on a guy? x Ali

You’re very welcome. That post has turned out to be very popular despite it being the length of a short book…

As for going down on a guy, I’ll see what I can come up with but lots of the principles about teasing and building intimacy apply in both cases.

Hi you don’t need to respond to this. I just wanted to stop buy to say thank you for your post to help explain what denial is to a partner. I’m getting ready to show my husband and I hope it goes well. But thank you for explaining it in easy to understand post. You’re awesome.

You are so welcome! I hope it goes well too! Just be calm about it, don’t have too high expectations to start. Remember you’ve been thinking about this a lot, he’s coming in at the ground floor so give him time to get his head around it if he needs it.

There are so many advantages to enjoying denial with you that it’s hard to know why he wouldn’t love it but you know him best so tailor what you say and show him using that.

Good luck!


Save some money on sex toys

Hot new offers have just gone live at Lovehoney – plus I made up the term ‘Denial Pimp’

As some of you may have noticed I’ve added a new page to the blog which lists all the latest deals and discounts we’ve found for our favourite sex toy seller, Lovehoney.

We’re affiliates with them and they keep sending me all kinds of exclusive deals for you lot but I keep forgetting to highlight them. So I thought I’d put them all in once place I can keep updated. You can find them all here:

Two new codes for the UK and US have just gone live though, which are worth mentioning.

For Lovehoney USA you can save 25% plus free shipping for new customers

For Lovehoney UK there’s 20% off a first order of £45 or more

I should just mention both sites have a really good half price Deal of the Day today if you’re looking for wired bullet/egg vibe. The fun with these is putting the vibe in you and having the power control in a pocket… that either you or a friend can play with.  A bit less flexible than a wireless remote but for the prices these are a bargain! As the name suggests, those run out at MIDNIGHT.

Have a look at my Sex Toy Recommendations page if you’re wanting some guidance on what to get.

Sex Toy Pimpin’ notification

We do get a bit of commission from any sales (ironically it mostly goes to a sex toy fund) so thank you if you use them, you’re definitely supporting the blog. If the idea of me making money off you buying toys to pleasure, abuse and torment yourself isn’t a turn on do feel free to just visit the sites directly. Although for those of you who like the idea of it being your Denial Pimp money, enjoy!






Last night, I got fucked so beautifully hard but I was instructed that I was not allowed to cum. He even pulled out right before I was about to and gently stroked my hair and tenderly kissed my face while I laid there, grinding my hips and so infuriated with him. Also, soaking wet. Then he put it back in and fucked me until he came, but just him. 

Today, he informs me I don’t have permission to cum unless he returns to a spotless house. 

Housewife fantasies? Orgasm denial? Fuck, how am I supposed to get anything done when all I want to do is hump the furniture I’m supposed to be dusting???

This sounds like heaven to me. A girl can dream for one day, right? @knowing-smile

@friedcherryblossomprincess @lezzysubby @lezzysgirl I’M HELPING

no banny, no you are not! 

Toy collection submissions?! I’m excited! I just took a picture of mine recently. Hehe. This is a long time collection and I’ve had a few fallen heroes, but I’m happy with what I’ve accumulated. 😀 I love your blog! It’s a joy to read.

Oh damn, I thought I had lots of toys! I can’t express how much I’m loving the two table tennis bats in there. That is amazing, thank you for sharing!

Share your toy collections with us my lovely followers, whether it’s one trusty vibe or a whole bed full! And let us know any favourites and innovative ways you use them!