Hi Gabi,

Okay, this sucks, I’m sorry.

The big question is how clearly have you explained this to him? If you have, and he isn’t listening, then ironically to some ‘but he’s making you cum…!’, he’s being a bad boyfriend by not giving you what you need. He’s selfishly making you cum, and if you genuinely hate it, you need to make that clear. It’s not okay.

Switch the situation for a moment, say he kept fucking your ass despite you hating it and asking him not to. That would be a red flag right there. So if you HAVE genuinely explained this to him and he is ignoring you and doing it anyway, you need to have a very serious talk.

But the likelihood is we’re still at a stage of miscommunication. You may have said it, but he doesn’t really believe you, or he just hasn’t got it yet.

Us men are not creatures of subtlety. In fact most of us are knuckle scraping neanderthals. We need it explained in short, clear sentences or we get lost.

(Hemsworth’s most accurate portrayal to date…)

This is why I wrote this for you to send to him:


Edit it as you want, but be brave. Send it.

Then you have this to follow up with:


There’s no room for misunderstanding once he’s read those. If he keeps making you cum then frankly my dear, your boyfriend is a dick.

If he still doesn’t get it after that, then you do have the choice of starting to fake orgasms. I personally think that’s rather hot, but it’s only a short term solution.

Is there room for some kind of middle ground where he still gets to make you cum sometimes, but denies you others, sure. But it sounds at the moment he’s just totally disregarding your wants and needs. Not good.

Your man needs to learn to take care of you, and in your case, that’s very clearly by NOT letting you cum.

Good luck Gabi, feel free to message if I can give you any other advice.


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