Absolutely you can. Crotch rope is a bit of a misnomer really, as I find a ‘cord’ is much more useful.

Actual rope works fine if someone else is doing it to you, but for something you want to wear for longer, you need something thinner.

Some of the best options are:

  • Paracord (you can buy it for pennies at big supermarkets) – but it’s a bit on the thin side and made of polyester so while it’s soft, it’s not as nice as something more natural like cotton
  • Sash cord – this stuff is great, unlike paracord you get it in cotton, and it’s the perfect width for lots of crotch rope options – ideally chuck it in the washing machine first to soften it up a bit – it’s literally the stuff used to operate sash windows – so may have another name in the States?
  • Cotton string (NOT nylon, never nylon) – the natural string will work at a pinch
  • Boot laces – a pair of extra long bootlaces can work great and raise no suspicion at all.

Here’s some professional advice on ropes from the excelent Duchy website:


Here’s some instructions on what to do with them and other relevant posts:



I love that they call the clit knot a ‘Happy Knot’!

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