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Tumblr hid your crotch rope instructions. Can you repost? Thank you!

I know, those evil nipples got it banned, boooooooo!

Currently the whole blog is supposed to be importing into BDSMLR, but it hasn’t happened yet.


Some other good shit on there though!

But you can also find them backed up on my wordpress blog in progress:


James, I think I’m fucked. I’ve started oral training and I’m on denial and no touch until I can take my whole 12” dildo to its hilt. Tonight is day 1 and I got about 9”. I have 15 minutes a night for training and I’m tied in a crotch rope the whole night. I’m already soaking wet and I just want a dick inside me so bad. I feel like a whole foot is too much, but that’s what the training is for right? It’s going to take forever, and already all I want to do is touch. I’m totally fucked aren’t I?


I love it. Just go slow, your throat isn’t made for fucking, it’s for swallowing. You don’t want to hurt yourself. So just listen to what your body is telling you, and cinch that crotch rope tighter when you are tempted to touch. I’m sure grinding and pulling on your nipples will make it easier.

Sooo! Sirs out for a couple of hours, instructed me to wear a crotchrope for the first time, and told me not to play… I absolutely love it, and now I’ve even put in a butt plug. Can’t wait till he gets home and sees what a perfectly good girl I’ve been. Have a nice day, James, and thanks for an incredible amount of inspiration- it’s led to hours and hours of fun for me and my sir

Oh nice! Crotch ropes are just perfect for keeping those pesky wandering butt plugs in place and making sure they don’t go a wandering!

Add Ben-Wa balls next time too for a really pinchy experience!

So i’m into bondage and resently i found out a friend is into bondage too. how can i ask her about having something with me? (Im a girl)

Good question. I’d be straight about it with her. You don’t have to be naked or having sex to explore bondage!

Just say to her, ‘So you know you said you’re into bondage, do you fancy just practising tying knots and stuff, we could learn together?’ and see if she’s up for it.

Buy some proper rope, you get get nice soft cotton bondage rope for about $1 a metre at somewhere like Lovehoney. The Shibariistas will point you to somewhere fancy like www.twistedmonk.com, which is worth checking out too. Don’t forget safety scissors are needed to cut the rope in case of emergency, and to look up lots of the good practice videos on Youtube or sites like www.theduchy.com

People get very precious about rope and bondage, but as per my normal attitude with most kink exploration, fuck that. The exact type of rope and how you tie it doesn’t matter as long as you’re safe and having fun. You can get much more serious and expert with it as you go but for now, especially given your situation, just have a laugh. Talk about safewords before just because even in fun you’re making yourself vulnerable, and don’t mix booze or getting high with it.

You may both get seriously turned on so personally, I’d say you should also have a conversation about if it gets sexy how you’d both feel about that. In maybe half the cases where I’ve known friends try this out with each other, it’s got sexual, because it’s tapping into some seriously hot fantasies. It’d be good to think about all that before you get tied up and horny.

Here’s some simple things to try out together:




This ties well to the top of a bed

And one of my faves: https://www.theduchy.com/standard-crotch-rope/

But before it all read up and learn the safety stuff:

Have fun, be safe, get competent and let us know how you get on!


Hi James! I’m curious about something, I really want to use a crotch rope but I don’t have a rope and I can’t buy it bc I still live with my parents and when I go to uni, I live with other two girls and…I don’t feel like doing anything sexual in that house. So…one day I used a very long pearl necklace while I was edging and it was one of the best feeling in the world! But now I wanted to know if I can use something else to replace ropes. Thank you in advance. I really love your blog!

Absolutely you can. Crotch rope is a bit of a misnomer really, as I find a ‘cord’ is much more useful.

Actual rope works fine if someone else is doing it to you, but for something you want to wear for longer, you need something thinner.

Some of the best options are:

  • Paracord (you can buy it for pennies at big supermarkets) – but it’s a bit on the thin side and made of polyester so while it’s soft, it’s not as nice as something more natural like cotton
  • Sash cord – this stuff is great, unlike paracord you get it in cotton, and it’s the perfect width for lots of crotch rope options – ideally chuck it in the washing machine first to soften it up a bit – it’s literally the stuff used to operate sash windows – so may have another name in the States?
  • Cotton string (NOT nylon, never nylon) – the natural string will work at a pinch
  • Boot laces – a pair of extra long bootlaces can work great and raise no suspicion at all.

Here’s some professional advice on ropes from the excelent Duchy website:


Here’s some instructions on what to do with them and other relevant posts:



I love that they call the clit knot a ‘Happy Knot’!

Hi! So I absolutely love your blog, and so far I’ve managed a full week of denial. I’m pretty submissive and I’ve always been interested in bondage, but I’ve never had a partner who wasn’t weirded out by the idea (I usually casually bring it up a few months into new relationships just to test the waters). So I wanted to know if you’d be willing to make some posts about self-bondage? I can do quite a few things by myself when it comes to bondage but I would love to see what you can come up with.

How interesting. I get that partners often struggle to understand why not cumming is better, but I don’t often hear about then getting weirded out, although it sounds like you’re going about it the right way.

I think the trick with introducing denial is don’t label it, describe what you want, and the impact it has on you.

So don’t get in there with ‘Hay mister, so I should probably tell you, I’m a denial slut…’

Rather, what you want is to plant the idea in their head, get them going down on you for instance, then try ‘God I love feeling this horny, don’t let me cum, keep me feeling like this, let’s see how crazy I get…’ 

And then of course you reward their fulfilment of your wish by doing something they love. Seriously, especially with guys, imagine if you had to train a dog to do the same thing (no wait, maybe don’t imagine that) just reward us with good stuff for doing what you wanted, our neanderthal brains will get it eventually.

As for self bondage, we can certainly do more, but have a look at the crotch rope tag below for some good starting points.

Hi, James! I love doing my designated edges to your blog. I always get so close and stay dripping all day. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to do crotch ropes. I want to suggest wearing one during my days at uni to my domme to frustrate me more.

The most popular post I’ve ever made I think, here you go:




Paracord is available from most big stores now, and is perfect for this. Proper big cotton bondage rope is a bit thick to wear out during the day.

Failing paracord, long bootlaces can suffice, or even cotton (NOT NYLON) string.


The rope and the words

Every day he was away she wore the harness to remind herself that she was his, at school at work, at home – the rope cords digging into her soft, aching flesh every time she sat or rose. 

Hidden from everyone else, holding her, caressing her, arousing her – a perfect symbol of her submission.

Tying it just the way he’d shown her became a wonderful routine. As her fingers instinctively made the knots, she’d whisper the mantra he gave her:

I am yours
This body is yours
I will please you in every way

To you I submit
To you I belong
I promise to serve you today

Regarding the crotch rope anon who doesn’t like how it feels on her butt, is it possible to make a crotch rope like a jock strap? Like, have a knot at your perineum, and have the rope tails go up over the butt cheeks.

Yep, this is totally the answer – thank you, and to the person who’d added it as a note too. As it comes up and under split it sideways instead of bringing it through the middle and tie it at the sides not the back then either take it down and through the same way or bring it around to the front to finish off with a bow.