How interesting. I get that partners often struggle to understand why not cumming is better, but I don’t often hear about then getting weirded out, although it sounds like you’re going about it the right way.

I think the trick with introducing denial is don’t label it, describe what you want, and the impact it has on you.

So don’t get in there with ‘Hay mister, so I should probably tell you, I’m a denial slut…’

Rather, what you want is to plant the idea in their head, get them going down on you for instance, then try ‘God I love feeling this horny, don’t let me cum, keep me feeling like this, let’s see how crazy I get…’ 

And then of course you reward their fulfilment of your wish by doing something they love. Seriously, especially with guys, imagine if you had to train a dog to do the same thing (no wait, maybe don’t imagine that) just reward us with good stuff for doing what you wanted, our neanderthal brains will get it eventually.

As for self bondage, we can certainly do more, but have a look at the crotch rope tag below for some good starting points.

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