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New Year’s Opportunity

‘What’s your New Year’s resolution?’

It’s a question many of us will be asked today – so if you want a fun excuse to introduce denial to your friends, here’s a good reply.

‘I’m giving up orgasms! I’m seeing how long I can go without them.’

‘What?! Why the hell would you do that?’  they’ll probably reply in some form or another.

‘Well, have you heard about edging? It’s all the rage. You get this ongoing high which is even better than orgasms, apparently.

And you go from there. You talk about seeing a denial challenge, or hearing about how super models edge before they go on the catwalk or about this website, ‘’ (a much less scary URL to share than the full tumblr one) which has tens of thousands of followers.

And then you say, ‘So yeah, I’m going to try it, sounds hot and a good challenge to start the year. Want to try it too? I bet I can go longer than you.’

And if they don’t, that’s cool . But you know how great edging is, don’t you. Share the gospel of edging, they’ll be grateful you did. – making the world a better place, one edge at a time

Happy New Year everyone, I’ll be back to posting regularly this week, and we’ll finally have the Denial Survey ready for you to get your hands on I hope.

Much love,

James xx

PS The basic rules of a New Year’s denial challenge would be, if you asked me, a minimum of two edges a day, that if you go over the edge you ruin it, and to spend every day looking on tumblr for a new idea to try each day (the Advent Challenge obviously has lots).

Don’t forget the Christmas Denial Challenge:

Or JuNO for other ideas:

Oh and if you’re going ‘Orgasm Free’ for 2018, let us know, we’ll be cheering you on.

Advent Denial Challenge: Day 25

Happy Christmas!!!! (I’m literally posting this as the clock goes over here in little old England).

Congratulations on getting to the end, or opening this up just out of curiosity. Both are good. But obviously if you’ve actually done some, or hopefully all of the Advent Denial challenge then I’m very proud of you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey.

If you’ve managed to do it all, the whole 24 days without cumming, then let me encourage you to celebrate it. Unless there’s a reason you aren’t allowed, have your orgasm today. Don’t deny yourself for longer, just enjoy it. If you decide you want to go longer, that’s great, but I’d encourage you to just go for it today.

If you want to include fate in the decision then get a coin, flip it and if it’s heads you can cum. If it’s tails, you’re denied till January 1st. Of course edge yourself senseless before you flip it…

And if you fancy something a bit more risky, how about you may only cum at the moment you’re being called to go and eat Christmas dinner. Everyone should be waiting for you when you finally come down, red and flushed and obviously post orgasmic.

Remember the first orgasm after a longish denial can be, odd, in lots of ways, weak or ruiney, although it can be amazing too. But I normally suggest you don’t just limit yourself to cumming once. Enjoy the evening, and maybe the next few days, cumming as much as you want. It’s Christmas after all!

Cumming IS good. Just not cumming is better.
And don’t worry, you’ll be craving to be denied again before long.

Even if you haven’t filled out a journal on Tumblr, I’d love to hear how the whole experience was for you. So I do encourage you to send me a message or ask letting me know what you learnt and how it went!

Every blessing at this time of year,


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Advent Denial Challenge: Day 24

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the finale of the advent denial challenge. Or you’ve just skipped ahead to see how it finishes but that’s cool too.

Many advent calendars only have 24 days (that used to annoy me as a kid) but as you can see this one has 25, and that’s as I’ll have special instructions for you for the big day itself.
But today, your last day of denial – I want you to edge as many times as you can. Aim for seven at least. But here’s the twist, each edge has to be twice as long as the last one. (Remember I count an edge as the whole masturbating without cumming – you don’t have to be ‘on the edge’ of orgasm the whole time).

Just think about that for a moment. Do the maths. If your first edge of the day is just ONE minute, then your seventh edge will be 64 minutes!
That’s right, you can only touch in annoyingly teasing amounts to start, but end up with really long ones, and if you do too many, you simply won’t have time to finish them.
I’d also hugely appreciate you writing into the blog with how the denial experience has been, even if you’ve not journaled at all so far.
Oh and extra geek points to anyone who gets the relevance of the accompanying picture!
See you tomorrow for the big one! (If you’re lucky…)

James xxxx

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Don’t let one shitty anon ruin your day or tell you how to run your blog. It seems very easy for people to forget there’s a life outside of Tumblr. I had so much fun with the challenges until mine got too hectic as well. On top of that it’s the holidays, I hope you enjoy them with your friends and family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ~Lizzy

Thanks Lizzy, don’t worry, I don’t take it personally. I like myself too much to worry much about criticism (some would say it’s a fault but fuck ‘em).

I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them. I think I’ll adapt the best ones into something people can use if they’re new to denial, along with some more basic instructions too, as I’m always asked for that.

Advent Denial Challenge: Day 23

Yay, it’s back at last, let’s make these last three days count, shall we?

So this is it, you’ve nearly done it! Whether you’ve just been participating a bit, using some of the ideas to enhance your edging, or gone with it all, well done on trying the Advent Denial Challenge.

Of course for those of you who have managed to edge all the way through must go a special commendation. Whether it’s your first time trying this or you’re an old (and damp) hand at denial, you’ve done spectacularly and I’m very proud of you.

Today just go over all the posts from the denial challenge, and pick any that’s been your favourite (except for ruins) and do it again! If you have several you pick, choose one randomly and do that.

See you at the pinnacle tomorrow!