That’s great to hear you’ve come to that conclusion! It’s understandable you can have some regrets for time wasted on lesser things, but it’s best to just channel that into positive motivation for the future, I find. The past happened how it happened and it ultimately led you here to the point where you want a life of anal only, so it can’t be so bad.

As for anal being the default, and helping others discover its benefits and the advantages of being anal only—bring that up among friends you feel comfortable talking about sex with, post more on Tumblr and elsewhere you may make any sort of sexual posts about anal only and how good it is, and generally help to make a positive impression about anal to everyone. There are still a lot of stigmas, myths and misunderstandings surrounding anal sex in general, let alone the anal only lifestyle, and helping to educate and encourage others to discover the reality for themselves is one of the biggest factors people can use to spread the anal only lifestyle.

In just a few years, anal only has grown significantly. Imagine how much further it will grow with a steadily growing number of people talking positively about their experiences being anal only and encouraging others to try it for themselves.

Thanks so much for sharing. Now get out there and be an anal only advocate yourself!

This is like reading what I’d say if I ran an anal only blog.
Love it.

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