‘So Daddy, I have this thing I’m really into. I hope you’ll like it too, I’m guessing you will… have you heard of orgasm denial?

There’s this website all about it, just google female orgasm denial, it’s, omg it’s the hottest thing ever. I edge all the time reading it, that’s masturbating but not cumming. And it means I’m really horny and eager to please.

The thing is, I’m kind of a special case, because you see, I’ve never cum. They call me a Brand New in Box, yes, just like the dolls. There’s a blog for that too. 

I umm, totally get off on the fact I’ve never cum and being teased about it and I don’t even know how good it feels. I know, kind of fucked up, but do you think that’s hot? I know you’ll want to make me cum but… once you’ve read about it maybe you’ll decide I should never be allowed. That would be really hot but it’s up to you.

Is that hot, do you think so Daddy?

I thought you would.

Let me show you some of my favourite posts…’

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