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My daddy is making me keep a vibrator on low on my pussy while I go on a hook up app to find a pussy for me to lick. And I’m not allowed to stop until I get a match and start a conversation. I can barely take it oh my god

I do wonder what people who are new to kink think of posts like these…

Her dad does WHAT?!

She doesn’t mean her actual dad, well, okay we can’t know that for sure but we all pretend that’s definitely what it means, right?

James, I need advice. I’m a little, and ever since my Daddy dumped me I’ve been locked out of little space. We were together for six years and he left right when I thought he might propose. If I try and get into little space all the memories come back and I can’t do it. It’s my only escape and not having it is hard. Please help.

Oh darling, I’m so sorry. That’s horrible. 

I know it’s a platitude but this one is mostly going to take time to heal. You need to push back the little space for a while, be a big girl, and push on into that big bad world until you find someone who’s worthy of you. With time and their help what hurts so much now will become a distant memory.

There are other escapes though, you just need to find some others that work for you right now. Edging, reading, TV box sets, exercise, walks, gaming, cooking, vacations – they’re all good. And most of all time with friends, discovering life after daddy isn’t so bad after all.

Hi James, I recently got dumped and have gotten a new daddy. I don’t know how to tell him I’m in to denial especially since I have no clue how to cum in the first place. Do you have any advice for me? -Elly

‘So Daddy, I have this thing I’m really into. I hope you’ll like it too, I’m guessing you will… have you heard of orgasm denial?

There’s this website all about it, just google female orgasm denial, it’s, omg it’s the hottest thing ever. I edge all the time reading it, that’s masturbating but not cumming. And it means I’m really horny and eager to please.

The thing is, I’m kind of a special case, because you see, I’ve never cum. They call me a Brand New in Box, yes, just like the dolls. There’s a blog for that too. 

I umm, totally get off on the fact I’ve never cum and being teased about it and I don’t even know how good it feels. I know, kind of fucked up, but do you think that’s hot? I know you’ll want to make me cum but… once you’ve read about it maybe you’ll decide I should never be allowed. That would be really hot but it’s up to you.

Is that hot, do you think so Daddy?

I thought you would.

Let me show you some of my favourite posts…’