Hi Ruby,

Squirting (properly called female ejaculation) is most commonly associated with having an orgasm, especially a g-spot/vaginal orgasm. But, not always. What’s happening (they think, research on women’s pleasure is still woefully underrepresented) is glands up in your urethra are producing the fluid and while it’s mostly pushed out as you contract from an orgasm, you can also squeeze those same muscles and so squirt without actually having cum. Very similar to a really well ruined male orgasm that just squirts out with no pleasure at all.

So no, squirting, if you can do it, often comes as a result or orgasm, but it’s definitely different. You’re not ‘cheating’ – not that I think it’s a worry anyway as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

Oh and there’s easy fixes to your over sensitive clit.

I’m not going to tell you them, but there are.



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