That’s wonderful KP, I’ve just had yours and another feedback to say the Denial Buddy Matching Service starting to be useful and people are actually meeting up, so thank you!

Just remember all the rules about meeting with people from the internet. I’m sure it’ll be great but I want you safe too. 

The Denial Dare wheel is awesome and I want every detail you’ll give me when you use it, but let me just encourage you not to rush into it. Take your time, get to know each other, don’t feel the pressure to use it if it doesn’t feel right.

it’s much more important that you both feel relaxed and comfortable with each other than you push on too far too fast and mess up what could be a beautiful thing if you give it the time it needs to develop.

If you do want to go for it, remember you can edit any of the options, so you could go through them, take out any that dont’ excite both of you, and also try adding some of your own!

As for ideas, if you both feel comfortable you could try a game of Truth, where you both edge and ask each other questions in turn. They soon get to some fairly hot fucked up stuff when you edge at the same time. Good fun.

And don’t forget the Jill Off: 

Also Hump or Dare that I posted to my (undergoing refurbishment) primary blog:

And of course lots ideas under the denial buddies tag

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