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Hi James about 2 months ago I was denied by my boyfriend for 3 months. Consistent edging everyday. No ruins or orgasms at all. After the 3 months was over, I’m finally allowed to cum freely. My concern is that for 2 months now I’ve been able to cum after less than 2 minutes of stimulation.. I can even cum multiple times in a row without an issue. This wasn’t normal for me before my 3 months of denial. Is this something to be concerned about? Is it normal?? Thanks in advance!

Wait a minute.

So you’re saying after being denied you cum faster, harder and multiple times when you couldn’t before?

And you’re worried about this, because…

This is how your message should have been, sweetie

Hey James, the GREATEST THING EVER has happened to me. Not only am I lucky enough to have a bf who denied me for three months, but now since then I can’t stop cumming. I’m cumming from about two minutes into him fucking me. And I keep on cumming. And it feels so GOOD! Thank you so much!!! I also get so turned on thinking about all the denied girls, and imagine I’m having all their orgasms.
My only worry is what do we do when he wants to deny me again, as I cum so much.
Thanks in advance!

You’re welcome anon. I’m so glad it’s done that for you. Two easy words to fix any concerns you might have. Want to guess?

That’s right.

Anal only.

Maybe you’ll learn to cum from that too…


I normally have trouble not cumming after four or five edges, so today i told myself that I’d stop and go to sleep after 4 edges exactly. It’s been three hours, and I can’t stop. I don’t even care about cumming anymore, I just want to edge forever 😭😭

Not much to say to that besides,

Good girl.

I have always loved getting off to your blog but usually have terrible self control but the last few days I’ve managed to control myself and hold myself back by repeating “good girls don’t cum”. 3 days down how many to go? Who knows :) – B

That’s so great, B, I’m proud of you, good girl!

I want two more days from you, sweetie, then I want you to cum so fucking hard the neighbours hear about it.

Then… we start all over again.


I know it’s not a kink everyone is interested in, but I am, and thanks to JuNo I’ve found a Daddy who read my blog and decided to get in touch. We were just chatting, but it turned out we seem to fit together really well so we decided to try it, ever since it’s been some of the horniest and loveliest days of my life. Brooklyn x (@junodiaries)

Hi Brooklyn, that’s so exciting! I’m delighted for you.

I’m sure he won’t mind me saying. With anyone you meet online just try to take things slowly, it’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of it all and get dumb. Give them time to prove they are genuine and competent. It’s so easy online to create them in your head as some vision of dom perfection, but what you really want to find is a genuine human connection with someone, which you can build kinky stuff on top of.

Have a look at my rewrite of the classic BDSM Acid Test for some great, practical advice on all this. http://edging.space/post/139119347359/hi-james-you-had-a-question-not-to-long-ago-about

But beyond all that, well done, so pleased for you! Have fun!

I’ve been using orgasm denial as a motivator to get to my goal of running a 10 K and today I completed my goal. May I cum? – Luna

Fuck yes, well done Luna, that’s brilliant! Don’t just cum the once, absolutely cum your fucking heart out, spend a couple of days cumming as much as you want. really make the most of it.

Then, Monday… decide your next goal!

Good girl

Lovely feedback on the Good Girl Challenge

I just had this lovely feedback on how trying the Good Girl Challenge helped a follower, and with their permission, I just had to share:

I’ve gotten a lot more confident with my body. I don’t think full time denial is for me, tho. It’s fun in the moment, but it’s just not really me. 

But getting to know my body that well, has been really great for me, mentally too. Last weekend I even flirted with 2 guys, and that’s something I haven’t done for almost 3 years. I was sexually assaulted by someone close to me, and I kind of feel like this has been the last part of the healing. Now it doesn’t even bother me to talk about, and I hadn’t even mentioned it to anyone before. 

So that’s a really big progress. And I stopped giving a shit. I stopped trying to fit into everyone’s idea of how I should be, and just be me. So I’m not the completely innocent sweet angel anymore, and I like that. A lot

Just, really, how great is that. The power of edging and exploring your sexuality in action and maybe even helping get past some negative things from your past.. I’m all tingly!  


I wanted to say this to my fellow sluts: This Tuesday I was “released” after being denied for 17 days, the longest I’ve ever gone. I’ve had 10+ orgasms since, both alone and with Sir. Feels so good! I’ll enjoy them a bit extra, just for you guys 😘 Love, a denial bitch in disguise 💖

Yay! Well done on enjoying both ends of the denial spectrum, I love it. And congrats on 17 days, that’s really impressive!


I’ve been looking at this blog for a few years and am now in a serious relationship. He’s pretty vanilla(so am I tbh) so I didn’t mention that I was into edging because I was worried he might get freaked out. But a couple days ago he mentioned that he likes to edge when we are having sex so he will last longer and so I bit the bullet &asked if he would do it to me!Now we’re trying edging/handcuffs/blindfolds and I wanted to share incase anyone else is feeling nervous about talking to their s/o.

This is great! Well done. And it’s so important to realise, this is one of the easiest kinks to talk about.

What you DON’T do is go in with all the lingo ‘Hey so I’m a Denial Slut, I love ruined orgasms and only ever being given Hard Edges. You feel me?’

You get my point. 

What we do instead, my little army of denial sluts, is talk about it in nice soft and feely ways. When you’re close… ‘Don’t let me cum yet, oh god, this feels so amazing, sometimes I think it’s better than cumming’

‘Oh fuck, when you keep me close like this I want to let you do the kinkiest things to me…’

‘I wonder what it’d be like if you didn’t let me cum? Do you think I’d just get hornier and hornier and just be wet and aching for you the whole time?

You see. Not so scary is it.

As as the OP mentions, ‘edging’ is a guy things do too, and is somehow less threatening than ‘take away my orgasms’.

The mantra I often cite, ‘Cumming is good, but not cumming is better’ is deliberately geared to get that message across – that it’s not about orgasms being bad, it’s just, staying in this ‘pre orgasmic state’ to quote the Denial Cult Leader below, is better! 

So thanks OP, great to have your success story to share!

So easily reduced to this.


So when life is hectic there are times my arousal just catches up with me. Like today. It’s only even morning and I feel so…desperate. Needy. Pathetic. Cockhungry. There’s so many words to label it and yet I feel like none come close to how I feel. It’s like my entire focus shifted to my denied cunt. And I love the feeling honestly. It’s never satisfied since I stay denied.

My morning edges were drawn out a little bit this morning, luckily I had nowhere to go since I was fucking my dildo in the bathroom, fucking myself on it as fast as I could. At moments I could just taste the orgasm approaching and yet, I knew I’d never get there. That I’d stop just at the edge. That that edge is the closest I can come to relief. 

Only it keeps me aching. It drives me mad. It pushes me to places in my mind where I have no shame. I was riding that toy and whimpering as my clit ached. Moaning to myself. ‘I’m a good little denial slut. This is the pleasure I’m allowed to feel. This is what I’m for. Hungry for cock. This is why I’m kept denied.’ 

It’s so shameful to say it out loud to yourself. Because it makes me realize I’m so happy when I’m reduced to this aching, desperate version of myself. That’s why good girls don’t cum.

You are a good little denial slut, Lizzy.

Good girl. I’m proud of you.


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I got to cum yesterday morning, and the release was GLORIOUS. For a little while. Then it was just…over. Nothing. I’ve lost the neediness, the constant awareness of how oversensitive and wet I am, the need to be fucked always at the back of my mind, it’s all just gone. Am listening to hypno now (in work!) to try and get the feeling back ASAP. Cumming is so fucking GOOD – but not cumming is better. Bee x

We aren’t kidding about this, people who haven’t tried it. Denial is honestly fucking awesome.

Try it today!