I just had this lovely feedback on how trying the Good Girl Challenge helped a follower, and with their permission, I just had to share:

I’ve gotten a lot more confident with my body. I don’t think full time denial is for me, tho. It’s fun in the moment, but it’s just not really me. 

But getting to know my body that well, has been really great for me, mentally too. Last weekend I even flirted with 2 guys, and that’s something I haven’t done for almost 3 years. I was sexually assaulted by someone close to me, and I kind of feel like this has been the last part of the healing. Now it doesn’t even bother me to talk about, and I hadn’t even mentioned it to anyone before. 

So that’s a really big progress. And I stopped giving a shit. I stopped trying to fit into everyone’s idea of how I should be, and just be me. So I’m not the completely innocent sweet angel anymore, and I like that. A lot

Just, really, how great is that. The power of edging and exploring your sexuality in action and maybe even helping get past some negative things from your past.. I’m all tingly!  


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