So when life is hectic there are times my arousal just catches up with me. Like today. It’s only even morning and I feel so…desperate. Needy. Pathetic. Cockhungry. There’s so many words to label it and yet I feel like none come close to how I feel. It’s like my entire focus shifted to my denied cunt. And I love the feeling honestly. It’s never satisfied since I stay denied.

My morning edges were drawn out a little bit this morning, luckily I had nowhere to go since I was fucking my dildo in the bathroom, fucking myself on it as fast as I could. At moments I could just taste the orgasm approaching and yet, I knew I’d never get there. That I’d stop just at the edge. That that edge is the closest I can come to relief. 

Only it keeps me aching. It drives me mad. It pushes me to places in my mind where I have no shame. I was riding that toy and whimpering as my clit ached. Moaning to myself. ‘I’m a good little denial slut. This is the pleasure I’m allowed to feel. This is what I’m for. Hungry for cock. This is why I’m kept denied.’ 

It’s so shameful to say it out loud to yourself. Because it makes me realize I’m so happy when I’m reduced to this aching, desperate version of myself. That’s why good girls don’t cum.

You are a good little denial slut, Lizzy.

Good girl. I’m proud of you.


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