Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Holy shit James. Its a denial slut here lol – female ejaculation IS A THING. I only have it when i’m drunk and it’s not ‘pee’ like a lot of men think it’s the same silky thin liquid women have when they are wet. Idk why i cant FEEL myself cumming when im drunk but i am cumming and its frustrating so my body keeps ‘cum, cum, cum’ and i’m laying there all privileged with my vibrator waiting to feel it when i become the see ya later female ejacyalator i always joke about

Hello little miss squirt… so, were you a bit tipsy when you wrote this? Congratulations […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Hello James, I’m not sure if I like you or hate you, but for the last couple of months your blog has been a source of curiosity and, now, a source of the most intense feelings I have ever felt. So thanks, or not. I can’t tell if I like it or not, but I do know I really, really need a release! I’ve been writing about my experience but my blog doesn’t seem to come up in any searches despite me tagging it. No idea what thats about. Oh, and also I think you made me squirt for the first time ever. Px

Love, hate, it’s all a bit murky out in edgespace.  I just read your squirting […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

A confession. I purposely edged last week for the first time. I asked my play partner to give me a set amount of time to edge and could he please try denying me for as long as possible. He loves making me cum. He told me to edge for 3 days & wear my anal plugs each day. He tortured me with his tongue and fingers for hrs. By the time his cock slid into me I was begging & crying & squirted all over his cock with only two swift thrusts. I confess to you because your blog inspired me to try it. ??

How wonderful! That’s a wonderful confession, thank you anon! Something tells me he’s going to […]

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I masturbated on a cam thing with another woman for the first time today and I got myself to the edge… she denied me four times before she allowed me to cum and I squirted for the first time and omg I made a mess! I loved every second of it! I might even try it again tomorrow but please sir, will you let me cum again? Or do I have to let the other person know I’m a denial slut like you’ve taught us?

Well that’s one hell of a picture you’ve painted, wow, what a great experience, thank […]