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I’m also on occasional squirter, but mine is just colorless runny liquid (just like water) is that normal?

Yep, very normal. It does vary in thickness a bit but for most it’s just like that, the main difference most describe is that if you rub it between your fingers it feels kind of ‘silky’. 

Also for the real sceptics there’s an easy test to show it isn’t just pee. It tastes totally different. I’ll leave you to ponder on that.

Remember in almost all porn women claiming to squirt are just peeing, because they’re actresses, and pee is easy to make, squirting takes hard work so don’t be expecting to experience what you see in porn. Always a good rule.

The amount of ejaculate is what varies most, some might just feel a teaspoon’s worth dribble out, others can produce a good few big squirts. The reality is the latter is probably mixing in some contents of your bladder as there isn’t much space to store it anywhere else. So if you’re going for it simply pee before you start to minimise that.

But yes, you’re totally normal, so enjoy and remember to put down a towel!

Oh and if you want an advanced edging challenge, try squirting without cumming, yeah, it can be done! 

Holy shit James. Its a denial slut here lol – female ejaculation IS A THING. I only have it when i’m drunk and it’s not ‘pee’ like a lot of men think it’s the same silky thin liquid women have when they are wet. Idk why i cant FEEL myself cumming when im drunk but i am cumming and its frustrating so my body keeps ‘cum, cum, cum’ and i’m laying there all privileged with my vibrator waiting to feel it when i become the see ya later female ejacyalator i always joke about

Hello little miss squirt… so, were you a bit tipsy when you wrote this?

Congratulations on your discovery. You describe it really well, it IS different from pee, silky is the best description because it’s lube, basically, like a guy’s precum only thinner – it’s to make it easier to get fucked.

I’d suggest you can do it when you’re not drunk, it’s probably not about the fact you can’t feel yourself cumming (although that’s got some interesting potential) it’s the extended stimulation and the loss of inhibition.

Ejaculate comes out of your peehole, and that is a very weird thought for many. And in most cases it requires a deliberate letting go that we’re trained not to do from the time we can walk.

So try going to the loo before a session, so you know your bladder’s pretty empty, have an extended edging and fucking session, and you should feel the need to pee growing. If you’re lying on a towel, or in the shower, then just go for it, give a little push, you can squirt without cumming, but it might take you over too. 

You don’t have to be drunk, and this time you might even feel it!

Woah woah woah WAIT! It’s possible to squirt without cumming??

Yes, but it’s not common. The trick is to have an empty bladder to start so there’s not much pee involved, and as you get close and feel that pressure to go, you actually force it, you push out like you were trying to pee. 

That’s what’s happening if you squirt when you cum, you’re letting go in the moment of pleasure and so not holding it in. Usually if you want to squirt before that, get that ‘filled up’ feeling and then you need to be a bit more deliberate about it.

It doesn’t feel as good as squirting when cumming, because at that point all the pleasure and release is rolling up into one experience, but it can be quite, exhilarating. I’ve known it tip someone over into cumming a couple of times.

I find for most it’s more a mental barrier you have to get over. Just grab a towel and give it a go!

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Dear James, After 16 straight days of edging, i came. i’m so sorry. i didn’t even realize it was happening until it was too late. i’ve never ejaculated before but this time, i did. should i be ashamed?

Absolutely not! #nomoresexshame

This is cause for celebration! Going over happens all the time, but having your first squirting orgasm is an amazing achievement, clever you! Now you can go away and work on squirting, without cumming! YAY!

This seemed suitably celebratory.

Yes, a bag pipe playing, unicycling darth vader, through a fountain, of course.


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I’m currently on denial however I’m so sensitive that I keep getting to the edge without touching and end up squirting even tho I’m not doing anything. It’s not enough to orgasm tho, it’s so frustrating.

Oh dear, how awful. Involuntary edging and squirting. I hope you can feel all our deep sympathy and empathy with your awful situation.

Two recommendations:

  1. Keep drinking, we don’t want you dehydrated
  2. Use plenty of towels

Hello James, I’m not sure if I like you or hate you, but for the last couple of months your blog has been a source of curiosity and, now, a source of the most intense feelings I have ever felt. So thanks, or not. I can’t tell if I like it or not, but I do know I really, really need a release! I’ve been writing about my experience but my blog doesn’t seem to come up in any searches despite me tagging it. No idea what thats about. Oh, and also I think you made me squirt for the first time ever. Px

Love, hate, it’s all a bit murky out in edgespace.  I just read your squirting report though. Awesome!

A confession. I purposely edged last week for the first time. I asked my play partner to give me a set amount of time to edge and could he please try denying me for as long as possible. He loves making me cum. He told me to edge for 3 days & wear my anal plugs each day. He tortured me with his tongue and fingers for hrs. By the time his cock slid into me I was begging & crying & squirted all over his cock with only two swift thrusts. I confess to you because your blog inspired me to try it. 😍😈

How wonderful! That’s a wonderful confession, thank you anon!

Something tells me he’s going to be enthusiastic to try that again…

Send in your denial confessions!

Dear James, is squirting classed as orgasming? I rarely manage a clitoral orgasm because I’m far too sensitive, so I can edge rather well, but I squirt almost on command. But, I never feel satisfied afterwards. Am I cheating with denial? Ruby x

Hi Ruby,

Squirting (properly called female ejaculation) is most commonly associated with having an orgasm, especially a g-spot/vaginal orgasm. But, not always. What’s happening (they think, research on women’s pleasure is still woefully underrepresented) is glands up in your urethra are producing the fluid and while it’s mostly pushed out as you contract from an orgasm, you can also squeeze those same muscles and so squirt without actually having cum. Very similar to a really well ruined male orgasm that just squirts out with no pleasure at all.

So no, squirting, if you can do it, often comes as a result or orgasm, but it’s definitely different. You’re not ‘cheating’ – not that I think it’s a worry anyway as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

Oh and there’s easy fixes to your over sensitive clit.

I’m not going to tell you them, but there are.



I masturbated on a cam thing with another woman for the first time today and I got myself to the edge… she denied me four times before she allowed me to cum and I squirted for the first time and omg I made a mess! I loved every second of it! I might even try it again tomorrow but please sir, will you let me cum again? Or do I have to let the other person know I’m a denial slut like you’ve taught us?

Well that’s one hell of a picture you’ve painted, wow, what a great experience, thank you for sharing!

Yes you can cum again, but only if you feel the squirt aching to spurt out, and as you let go, and watch it splash across the floor, stop rubbing and ruin it, let your cunt cry tears of pleasure.

And yes, if you do it again, announce that you’re a denial slut, and tell them they don’t have to make you cum at all if they don’t want to.

Good girl.

Before any of you lot rush off to do this let me just add a couple of words of caution. If you cam for someone you don’t trust you are putting yourself at serious risk of them fucking you over. Please be safe people, make sure they are genuine (it’s very easy to fake a webcam feed) and that you aren’t setting yourself up for blackmail by giving away your identity and/or personal details.