Well that’s one hell of a picture you’ve painted, wow, what a great experience, thank you for sharing!

Yes you can cum again, but only if you feel the squirt aching to spurt out, and as you let go, and watch it splash across the floor, stop rubbing and ruin it, let your cunt cry tears of pleasure.

And yes, if you do it again, announce that you’re a denial slut, and tell them they don’t have to make you cum at all if they don’t want to.

Good girl.

Before any of you lot rush off to do this let me just add a couple of words of caution. If you cam for someone you don’t trust you are putting yourself at serious risk of them fucking you over. Please be safe people, make sure they are genuine (it’s very easy to fake a webcam feed) and that you aren’t setting yourself up for blackmail by giving away your identity and/or personal details.

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