Yep, very normal. It does vary in thickness a bit but for most it’s just like that, the main difference most describe is that if you rub it between your fingers it feels kind of ‘silky’. 

Also for the real sceptics there’s an easy test to show it isn’t just pee. It tastes totally different. I’ll leave you to ponder on that.

Remember in almost all porn women claiming to squirt are just peeing, because they’re actresses, and pee is easy to make, squirting takes hard work so don’t be expecting to experience what you see in porn. Always a good rule.

The amount of ejaculate is what varies most, some might just feel a teaspoon’s worth dribble out, others can produce a good few big squirts. The reality is the latter is probably mixing in some contents of your bladder as there isn’t much space to store it anywhere else. So if you’re going for it simply pee before you start to minimise that.

But yes, you’re totally normal, so enjoy and remember to put down a towel!

Oh and if you want an advanced edging challenge, try squirting without cumming, yeah, it can be done! 

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