Yes, but it’s not common. The trick is to have an empty bladder to start so there’s not much pee involved, and as you get close and feel that pressure to go, you actually force it, you push out like you were trying to pee. 

That’s what’s happening if you squirt when you cum, you’re letting go in the moment of pleasure and so not holding it in. Usually if you want to squirt before that, get that ‘filled up’ feeling and then you need to be a bit more deliberate about it.

It doesn’t feel as good as squirting when cumming, because at that point all the pleasure and release is rolling up into one experience, but it can be quite, exhilarating. I’ve known it tip someone over into cumming a couple of times.

I find for most it’s more a mental barrier you have to get over. Just grab a towel and give it a go!

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