So, I always like to try and confound a sub’s expectations just to keep them on their toes. So personally in your case I’d pretend to be going along with the long denial period as you play with her (tie her up, trust me) for Valentine’s, but then I’d start pushing her closer and closer, telling her she can’t cum, she isn’t to cum, making her fight it harder than she ever has.

Then I’d say, ‘if you go over I’m not going to stop, I’m going to keep on rubbing your super sensitive clit while you scream and writhe, I’m going to torture your disobedient little cunt for as long as you can handle it and then keep going even as you lose it, little slut.’

And then yes, unless her begging can change my mind (very rare) I’d take her over and give her a full on post orgasm torture experience.

It’ll be a Valentine’s she’ll never forget.

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