I am now leaking with arousal. Like an actual stream of juices, right through my panties. I’m so horribly humiliated by it and yet it’s so hot at the same time. It makes me feel like such a dumb, drooly cunt. Just knowing all those orgasms I could’ve had are straight up leaking from me. 

To put it in perspective. I’m at 67 days of denial. 5 edges a day. Thats about 335 edges in total, maybe even more. 
My head is so empty, only filled with horniness. My breasts are aching to be touched, my nipples are constantly hard. My folds are swollen and red, even when I’m not touching and my clit throbs visibly every time I even get near it.

I am dying for just a taste of pleasure. Just a ruined orgasm. 

Inspiration for those of you into long term denial…

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