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fuckk James I’ve been reading denial posts for over an hour without touching and then as soon as I started rubbing my clit I hit the edge, and then I bounced back up a few times and pulled away and was trying to hold off but fell over – I wasn’t trying to ruin and I started rubbing again to try and make it a full one but it was too late and I was already oversensitive and couldn’t cum fully. fuck ff ufkc I can’t believe I wasted what would have been such an incredible orgasm :( -amanda

Oh Amanda,

It wasn’t a waste.

It was just what you needed.

A nice ruin to fuck with you and make you hornier than you even were before.


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Ginger again…. I didn’t touch my pussy all day long yesterday.😇😇 && when Master came home I sucked on his cock (until I gagged too much && threw up like always😶😔) && then I showed off my little untouched pussy while I got fucked in the ass🍑😍😍 then Master said I was allowed to cum so I softly edged until I thought I was going to cum? && like a solid 90 seconds later I thought I pulled away too soon but then the ruin started to happen && you guessed it! I cried.😢😢😭 I barely felt it😢😢

I thought I’d reply in emoji:

Good work, Ginger.

It’s ginger…. i haven;t even started to touch yet😣😣😩 i’ve just been looking at anal && rimming porn for two hours && i’m already on the verge of crying😢😢😢😭😭 i need to be used but no one’s home to use me like a cum rag. I might not even touch. I might fuck my ass with a dildo while my neglected && useless pussy stays ignored. omg noooo!!😩😩😩😢😭😭

Hello again Ginger, nice to hear from you. Crying again huh, good girl. Tears make the best lube. Keep us updated (I know she does, I’ve read her next message 😉 )

It’s Lana again. It’s the middle of the night and I’m still lying in bed, listening to Cal’s curse and teasing my clit – it’s so sore after three whole days, I’m barely tickling it but I can’t bear to stop. I’m dripping and throbbing and crying. If I could just cum I could get some sleep please tell me I can cum

Oh hello again, Lana.

Poor baby, do you wanna cum?

Not a fucking chance.

Edge more, good slut.

You’re so fucked.



So, I found your blog a while ago. I’m living with housemates, so masturbating has always been something quick and quiet. And I’ve been so aroused by your blog, but I have the worst kind of self control. And also, no matter how early I stop when edging, if I lie for even a few minutes after it, I come. No touching, no nothing. But a few weeks ago, I tried edging again. And I managed more than one or two edges before cumming. I went on and on and (1/?)

every single one felt ripped out of my gut. And then I came. 

And yesterday, I edged a few times in the day, but I had lots to do and decided I couldn’t afford to loose my energy. And when it was evening, I was so. Fucking. Needy. I edged in my room, and just before I came, changed into the room where other people slept that night, so I couldn’t go on even if I wanted to. And this morning, I wanted to come more than ever. I’ve always been a quicky type, nothing spectacular, nothing long.

I hadn’t ever known that sex could feel like so much. I ruined both orgasms, and for a minute, I felt like crying, but it also gave me so much energy and it’s so freaking addictive. I’m a bit drowsy and sick, so I don’t know if i climaxed so far, but I haven’t had the loss of power I’d normally have all day after coming. I wanted to make this a one day thing, but maybe I’ll extend it to tomorrow. I’m in public all day. Could edge in a public toilet… there’s always someone who’d hear me

What a wonderful report. Thank you! Well done on extending your self control, it really is worth it isn’t it! Keep us updated if you discover more!


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This is the girl who mentioned she started orgasm denial recently with another blogger, I just wanted to update and say I am on day twelve! Every night I edge for him and we talk, then he tucks me in while my legs feel all fuzzy and I get my high from the denial. I love feeling like I am on cloud nine at the end of the night. Thank you so much for writing, I would be afraid if I could not make connections. Your writing makes me so happy and I love knowing that my denial makes me a good girl.

You know I didn’t really mean it when I called you a traitor, right?

But really, this is fabulous!

What a wonderful description. Keep pushing on, there’s more to discover, but we so appreciate your updates too!


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Hi James. Still trying to get into the swing of the things for the juNO challenge. I’m finding the morning edge to be the most challenging. I don’t have loads of time in the morning and I wake up not feeling sexy and really just pissed at the alarm. Do you have any suggestions. Today I just moved it back later in the day (I’ll still hit 3 plus the ones I’m trying to catch up on for June 1-3), but i figured I’d ask for advice thinking that it might help others too.

Hi Bella,

If that’s what works for you, move it back. Seems like good common sense to me! Maybe try a morning one if you have a lie in some time. But really, do what works for you, sounds like you’re doing great.


Oh god, please please please James. I just bounced the edge like 10 times. Please please can I have an exception and orgaam without losin? I’ll do anything. -Red Brat

No, Red, you can’t. I’m a stickler for spelling and you couldn’t even spell ‘orgasm’, let alone earn one.

Now quit whining and stuff your panties in your pussy. If you keep them in a couple of hours I’ll give you a reward.

Good girl.