every single one felt ripped out of my gut. And then I came. 

And yesterday, I edged a few times in the day, but I had lots to do and decided I couldn’t afford to loose my energy. And when it was evening, I was so. Fucking. Needy. I edged in my room, and just before I came, changed into the room where other people slept that night, so I couldn’t go on even if I wanted to. And this morning, I wanted to come more than ever. I’ve always been a quicky type, nothing spectacular, nothing long.

I hadn’t ever known that sex could feel like so much. I ruined both orgasms, and for a minute, I felt like crying, but it also gave me so much energy and it’s so freaking addictive. I’m a bit drowsy and sick, so I don’t know if i climaxed so far, but I haven’t had the loss of power I’d normally have all day after coming. I wanted to make this a one day thing, but maybe I’ll extend it to tomorrow. I’m in public all day. Could edge in a public toilet… there’s always someone who’d hear me

What a wonderful report. Thank you! Well done on extending your self control, it really is worth it isn’t it! Keep us updated if you discover more!


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