It’s the last day of 31-day challenge and I get to have an orgasm!!! But
as I’m still under the dice game, I need to ruin it. But its ok, because
as much as I wanted to pretend to be resilient, after more than 30 days
of denial, reactions of my mind and body are reality, both excited even
for a ruined fading pleasure… I’ve looking forward for this day for so long…
My clit was so hungry and needy for
touch. I was on no-touch-unless-task-needs-to for the past few days and I was so shocked how
fast I got there. It only took a minute, and after I pulled my hand off I
was humping the air for a good few ten seconds, desperately try to get
something, anything a little more as if the air had bumpy bits for my
clit to hit on…

After I don’t have energy no more and had to accept there was nothing to hump to, I was trying to compare this with a real orgasm but
my horny stupefied brain can’t seem to remember how a real one feels
like anymore. I was so shaky, so tired that I fell

Now it’s been few hours since I woke up and even longer
since my ruined orgasm, I’m still wet and on the orgasm high, from a fucking ruined orgasm. I’m still soaked
with a blush, my clit is throbbing as I writing this report… I’m
finally at the point that even a ruined orgasm was something to look
forward to… I feel horny and needy and I want to hump every object
near me, any object… I want to grind the fucking door and I want hump
the handles in the elevator…
Fucking fuck fuck!!!
I don’t know what to do, I’m so HORNY!!! I have never been this horny before that I’m petrified, lost,so fucking lost…

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