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when he says no



I love begging him to extend my bedtime. I love when he says no. 

I love asking if I can buy a sugary latte. I love when he says no.

I love asking if I can skip my workout because laziness. I love when he says no.

I love begging to watch an extra hour of TV on a weeknight. I love when he says no.

I love asking if I can buy that pretty top I saw when I went to return something, even though my credit card bill is ridiculous. I love when he says no.

I don’t ask because I want to be denied. Not really. I ask because I want something I’ve always immediately granted myself. I ask because I have desires and impulses and I need to express them. And even though there’s the teeniest bit of disappointment when he says no, there is also relief and inner peace. I feel taken care of. I feel like I’m becoming a better person with improved habits. I feel healthier, happier and less stressed. No more guilt. It’s gone.

It makes his yeses so rewarding. The latte tastes sweeter. The next episode of that TV show is funnier. The top is prettier and feels worth the money.  With his permission, I can have guilt-free indulgences. I can find joy in things I’d often shamed myself for, the things you’re supposed to enjoy. That was no way to live.

 I said it before it was my reality, and I’ll say it again:

Everything just feels better when you have permission.

I love this ♥️

So beautifully expressed.

JuNowhere to be seen…

Hi lovely followers, just a quick apology that I haven’t been around the last week or so, family and work conspired against me and it’s all been a bit crazy.

I usually manage that by having a big old queue of posts loaded up so they just keep posting when I’m away with work, but that doesn’t really help when you’re having to do daily updates on others journals… whoops!

Thank you to all those who messaged me to check I’m okay, you’re beyond sweet. And well done to everyone trying out JuNO, no matter how far you’ve got with it. Tomorrow marks a week to go so if you still fancy exploring a bit of longer term denial then 7 days would be an amazing accomplishment. You can check the rules and give it a go using my JuNO main posts:

I’m going to be back to things properly on Monday and look forward to piling through the best of the JuNo journals and getting back into it for the finale!

Love you all,



A couple years ago, my bestie Haley and I started doing this every day after school. I love to masturbate and she loves to watch me. We didn’t think anything of it, except it was hot and fun to share together as our little dirty secret. She started making requests, watching me in different positions and locations. It’s really sexy that watching me touch myself makes her horny. Sometimes she strokes herself through her shorts, yoga pants, jammies, or panties, which is really sexy. She especially likes when I cum. She asks me what I fantasize about sometimes and I haven’t ever told her yet that I fantasize that her mouth is on my pussy, her tongue licking and sucking on my clit. Maybe one day soon, tho…

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Post sex need drop


We fucked, it was great, he came, I didn’t.

So why the hell am I not horny anymore? Like, at all.

I’m sure it’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow, but it feels so weird right now.

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled barrage of smut.

Perhaps you’re becoming an orgasm succubus, him cumming is enough, to satisfy you, just enough, vicariously sharing his pleasure.
You may never need to cum again.
You may never be able to…

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Day 10


So, today was the day to try new things, different things.

First, there were these SSEM sounds someone’s friend suggested. The SSEM binaural sounds (look for them on YouTube posted by SSEM Binaural-Sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation) were interesting. I feel like if I had played them in a surround sound system and was able to feel the vibrations in my skin, they might have worked on me. But unfortunately, with my headphones they just did not do it for me….though, now that I am listening to them again so that I can find their name for you, they are much more effective (four edges in). Playing with them while getting my ass whipped and/or with a vibrator on my clit might be intense! Note to self….

I tried toothpaste directly on my clit which I have had before, though usually it hits my wife’s tongue before it hits my clit. This was definitely more intense, and a nice way to start this evenings edges.

Then there was copycat method which prooobably would have worked if I was in a more patient mood. Oh, and just to note, @in-heart-and-soul’s copycat idea (I reposted her actual post about this) is to stimulate to the beat of someone else’s beating, more or less. The sounds of skin being slapped and cries of pleasure mixed with pain are definitely more erotic to me.

As for my edges themselves, today they felt a bit obligatory at first but still definitely desired. When they actually arrived, when I actually pulled my hands away they felt ripped from my actual gut. Toes curling. Inside whimpering. Mind screaming. Today was definitely not a “bliss” day, it felt quite a bit like torture. I can’t wait to feel more like myself. I will tell you now, the crazy will set in in about 4 days. That will be when my body will expect to be let out of her cage. Little does she know I only have more wicked plans for her then.

Sleep well, denial sluts. The arousal will most likely kill us in the morning!

Day 10 Summary


Not to disappoint everyone but as I mentioned, I’m easing myself back into this as not to overwhelm myself, so there were only three edges today and no lines.

And as much as I would love to tell you I was a naughty Christian girl and edged at the girls’ youth night, I actually really needed that tonight. Sorry to disappoint.

That being said, I was out almost all day, so two of my edges were in public.

I edged this morning in the shower, with the help of the showerhead, then twice at a car dealership. Why twice there? Have you ever been stuck with someone buying a car? It takes hours upon hours.

I do enjoy the fog coming back after yesterday, it’s a nice break. It feels good to just be horny and not think about much else.

My edges weren’t really eventful today either. But Daddy gave me a challenge for tomorrow so there’s that 🙄.

Sorry if I disappointed you guys.

Love~ Your favorite denial princess ❤💋

I hope you wiped the car seats afterwards! xxx

JuNO Day 10


I’m a dirty girl. My pussy is leaking.

Today I’ve edged twice so far. Once before getting in the shower, and I took my time with my favourite dildo. I think it was the first time I managed to edge just from penetration, without touching my clit at all, which is another achievement of this challenge for me. And once straight after getting out of the shower. The feeling of being constantly wet makes me not being able to keep my hands to myself. Which ended up with a little fingering session.

Yesterday ended up with five edges, but I have a feeling it’s just going to be more and more each day.

That’s an amazing achievement, well done!