Hi lovely followers, just a quick apology that I haven’t been around the last week or so, family and work conspired against me and it’s all been a bit crazy.

I usually manage that by having a big old queue of posts loaded up so they just keep posting when I’m away with work, but that doesn’t really help when you’re having to do daily updates on others journals… whoops!

Thank you to all those who messaged me to check I’m okay, you’re beyond sweet. And well done to everyone trying out JuNO, no matter how far you’ve got with it. Tomorrow marks a week to go so if you still fancy exploring a bit of longer term denial then 7 days would be an amazing accomplishment. You can check the rules and give it a go using my JuNO main posts:


I’m going to be back to things properly on Monday and look forward to piling through the best of the JuNo journals and getting back into it for the finale!

Love you all,


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