Not to disappoint everyone but as I mentioned, I’m easing myself back into this as not to overwhelm myself, so there were only three edges today and no lines.

And as much as I would love to tell you I was a naughty Christian girl and edged at the girls’ youth night, I actually really needed that tonight. Sorry to disappoint.

That being said, I was out almost all day, so two of my edges were in public.

I edged this morning in the shower, with the help of the showerhead, then twice at a car dealership. Why twice there? Have you ever been stuck with someone buying a car? It takes hours upon hours.

I do enjoy the fog coming back after yesterday, it’s a nice break. It feels good to just be horny and not think about much else.

My edges weren’t really eventful today either. But Daddy gave me a challenge for tomorrow so there’s that ?.

Sorry if I disappointed you guys.

Love~ Your favorite denial princess ❤?

I hope you wiped the car seats afterwards! xxx

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