So, today was the day to try new things, different things.

First, there were these SSEM sounds someone’s friend suggested. The SSEM binaural sounds (look for them on YouTube posted by SSEM Binaural-Sexual Stimulation Erotic Meditation) were interesting. I feel like if I had played them in a surround sound system and was able to feel the vibrations in my skin, they might have worked on me. But unfortunately, with my headphones they just did not do it for me….though, now that I am listening to them again so that I can find their name for you, they are much more effective (four edges in). Playing with them while getting my ass whipped and/or with a vibrator on my clit might be intense! Note to self….

I tried toothpaste directly on my clit which I have had before, though usually it hits my wife’s tongue before it hits my clit. This was definitely more intense, and a nice way to start this evenings edges.

Then there was copycat method which prooobably would have worked if I was in a more patient mood. Oh, and just to note, @in-heart-and-soul’s copycat idea (I reposted her actual post about this) is to stimulate to the beat of someone else’s beating, more or less. The sounds of skin being slapped and cries of pleasure mixed with pain are definitely more erotic to me.

As for my edges themselves, today they felt a bit obligatory at first but still definitely desired. When they actually arrived, when I actually pulled my hands away they felt ripped from my actual gut. Toes curling. Inside whimpering. Mind screaming. Today was definitely not a “bliss” day, it felt quite a bit like torture. I can’t wait to feel more like myself. I will tell you now, the crazy will set in in about 4 days. That will be when my body will expect to be let out of her cage. Little does she know I only have more wicked plans for her then.

Sleep well, denial sluts. The arousal will most likely kill us in the morning!

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