Well, normally I’d give you lots of advice on how to sort this out. Stopping faking orgasms and teaching him what to do instead. And, if that was what you’re after then you have this post to work with.

But my spidey sense tells me that isn’t what you want to hear. No instead we know what you want…what you, deserve. And you’re getting it, aren’t you anon… Your desperate wet little pussy being fucked so uselessly that all it does is make you more horny. Until he empties his balls with a sad little sigh and rolls over and goes to sleep.

You don’t want to make it better, do you, You want to make it worse.

So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to edge your little cunt off before you go and fuck him. Make yourself even wetter and more desperate. I want you crying as you fake your orgasms.

Real tears, fake orgasms.

More than that, it’s time to teach him some oral skills. Not properly of course, just enough to drive you absolutely crazy as he reluctantly tries to spell the alphabet on your clit because for some reason that ridiculous advice is what all teenagers think you should do.

Make sure you fake cumming as he does that too, we don’t want his confidence getting knocked. Encourage him to tongue fuck your pussy, because that’ll do hardly anything for you, but you never know, he might just drown…

And then, then you’re going to become the best girlfriend ever, because edged and dripping, you’re going to tell him you really want him to fuck your ass. 

And what’s amazing is he’s going to make you cum from it, first time, isn’t that incredible! It’s a miracle. He’ll want to do it all the time, boasting to his mates about how he fucks his girlfriend in the ass and makes her cum.

But we’ll know the truth, won’t we… that you’re not cumming, but you are getting exactly what you want.

Good girl.

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