When I got to work today my coworker who knows I’m participating in JuNO, knowing about my chronic sleep problems, sent me an email asking if I’d gone to bed on time last night. When I replied in the affirmative he sent back, ‘good girl.’

Hold the phone, stop the presses I’m officially turned on; my knees at weak and it’s a good thing I’m sitting down. See, I have a praise kink and was totally not expecting to see that wording in a work situation. The combination was a shock straight to my clit and kept me tingly for hours. I kept sneaking a peak at the email between assignments to renew the buzz. After I explained how hot it made me he’s agreed to continue sending little innocuous messages of praise to me at work if I keep going to bed on time. Win.

Sadly when I got home my landlord was a buzz kill so I wasn’t feeling all that horny until I tried to do today’s challenge of copy cat edging. The girl in the video was really hot and it felt great mirroring her motions but the video kept pausing to load so I had to give up on it.

After I got in bed I watched one of the alternate videos, the compilation of girls cumming. For that one we’re not allowed to touch so instead I hovered my hand over my pussy imagining what it would feel like if I could only touch myself the way they were.

Every time the video switched to a girl rubbing her clit I told myself, ‘see that, if you go through with permanently denying your clit you’ll never feel that good again. You’ll never reach that height of ecstasy. Sure, you can come close with your cunt but you know it’ll never be as good. If your partner decides to touch you it’ll feel amazing but still never THAT good. But giving it up’s the right thing to do. Because your partner’s pleasure is more important than your own. Ignoring your clit lets you focus on them. You can keep fucking your cunt for now because it trains you to be more responsive to your partner when they fuck you, but you’re never touching your clit again.’

Fuck I’m so wet and edged right now.

‘Good girl’

Such a fucking win!

Go girl!

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