Ok so I might have gone a little over board….

I have a date with Daddy tomorrow night.  I hadn’t had a chance to tell him about the juNO challenge, and i was willing to go in which ever way he wanted.

Well he’s Daddy for a reason… he’s super excited about edging me tomorrow.

And I’m super excited to be edged…..

So I edged 7 times quickly and ruined the 8th… I rubbed my clit for the first 5, fucked myself with my fingers for the 6th, and then went back to rubbing my clit for the last 3…

Man the ruin…. my clit just kept on throbbing after i stopped touching myself…

Let’s see if I can get to sleep at all tonight with as horny as I am…

Heh heh, you’re so fucked.

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