Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

I started attending my local BDSM Munch several months back. I’ve met a lot of new people and found some to geek out with about kink. I’ve also been introducing a few to the concept of female orgasm denial. A couple have looked interested and wrote down the site. I’m thinking of making business cards with Edging.Space in large print in the center to pass around. I’ve been trying to think of several fun tag lines to put in smaller print below. Any suggestions?

‘Once you stop, you’ll never wanna pop?’ Okay, I like that. But let’s see what […]

Blog Post, Female Orgasm Denial

Dear James, Question for your followers: does anyone else who’s been doing denial for a while, especially long term denial, get the urge to be meaner to themselves the closer they get to their period? Harder edges, more complex tasks, limiting time allowed to use favorite toys; taunting yourself that you deserve to be even more desperate, aching for even the smallest taste of pleasure let alone an orgasm. Or is my inner Dom just a sadist?

As someone with the sticky outie type of genitalia I am also eager to know […]

Blog Post

Hey James, I wanted to let you know I’m journaling JuNO on my tumblr. I’m looking forward to the challenge; my current record is three weeks. I’ll be denied for at least 36 days when I make it through the challenge as I haven’t cum since May 25th. I foresee two major roadblocks to completing the challenge. The first is that my play partners love to watch me cum so I’m going to have to beg them not to let me cum (not a hardship). The second is not over-edging to the point where I can’t sleep.

Holy crap, Sliver, I just read your first journal. Wow. Reblogging now so everyone […]