So I was told not to wear any panties today. Obviously I listened because I love being good for Daddy. I’m gonna do a crotch rope tomorrow by the way, so stay in tune for that.

Anyways, back to being pantiless. Understand one thing: I wear jeans. They’re my favorite, they’re comfortable, even mean shorts are better than other shorts to me.

But here’s why I really fucking love them. The seam. The seam on the crotch rubs right between my pussy lips and even rubs against my clit. So it’s great. I love it. It agitates my clit in the best way possible and gets me edging just by rocking my hips a little or walking.

And I made use of that today. I did my best to make sure I had clit stimulation from that seam as often as I could. And oh god did it make me horny. I thought I started my day wet, I ended it even wetter.

Also, if you didn’t see, I was allowed a ruined orgasm earlier. So that was amazing and you should go check out that post to hear more about that.

And now I’m going to bed, sticky thighs and all, and still no panties.

Love~ Your favorite denial princess ❤💋

This lovely image from @wesno-unravelled just about sums it up…

And just in case you’re wondering, you’re all going to get a go at this later in the month…

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