They absolutely are! For guys and girls! There’s a bit of a cross over between forced orgasms and what’s known as ‘post orgasm torture’ too as part of the challenge, and the kink of all this, is once you orgasm you’ve got a period of time where your clit (or cock) is super sensitive. So, this is one of those cases where your body is confusing pleasure and pain and it all gets mixed up in some glorious combo of the two.

The most helpful addition in any forced orgasms is, of course, another person!

The cherub was only allowed to help if he didn’t watch

The very difficult part is keeping the stimulation going once you’ve cum as everything in you is screaming for it to stop (even though those into this love it too). So having someone else to hold it there for you is the ‘easy’ option.

Some people do have the self-control to simply do it to themselves however, using their hand or a toy, and if you can manage that, then well done. But for most of us we need some assistance, and if you don’t have another person yet… rope will do nicely!

While you can use a normal vibe for this it’s often not enough to keep the stimulation at a high enough level to really push more forced orgasms out of you. So to do it properly you’re going to need a magic wand vibe, and some rope!

The magic wand, a denial slut’s best friend through the ages

You can then tie the wand onto you as shown in the picture below from

As I’ve said before I highly recommend the wands that Lovehoney offer instead of the classic Hitachi Wand you see in this nice bondage picture, which only has two power levels (both of which are ridiculously high). With the Lovehoney wands (the one they offer in the US is different from the UK) you have a variable speed that can take it from low rumble to OMFG!! level and every stage in between. That means for this, and general use, you can set it so it’s ‘just right’ – although admittedly for forced orgasms, you probably want it on full!

And so, once it’s tied tightly in place like this, you can restrain your hands too (with some means like velcro restraints that you can get off yourself but not instantly) and there you go, time to experience forced orgasms!

Once you learn your ability to cope with it you can do things like ride the magic wand on a folded pillow (in effect making a DIY Sybian machine) or even build up the self control to keep it there yourself – but having it tied on is more fun.

Forced orgasms of course tie into the whole multiple orgasm experience. If you’ve never had multiples then I suggest you explore those first (giving yourself a little break in between of about a minute or two so you get over the hypersensitive stage) so you know how they work, before you go on to work on forced multiple orgasms. I have a sneaking suspicion that if your first multiple orgasms come from being forced, there’s a chance you could be stuck that way (oh no that would be awful – sad face).

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