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Thank you! Your blog might be the best thing that ever happend to my sex life. Me and the husband have played with edge and denial before but never had a word nor guidance for it. Epic! Do you have a denial/dare wheel that’s more suited for a straight couple? We tried to change the dare wheel but it messes up and we only put in things that we like. So not so much of a dare. xoxo Alexis Btw, I’m on a no touch, since I came like a little needy slut, but have to watch 45 min of porn before bed

Hi Alexis! Oh I love hearing this, thank you for the wonderful feedback!

I don’t have a denial wheel tailored exactly for that but I really should! I’ll get working on one!

Oh and two words for you, little needy slut. 

Crotch rope.

You’re so welcome. He’ll find instructions on the blog.

Hello, I love your blog, but unlike what seems to be a lot of your followers, I am not looking to be denied. I am a master, although I don’t have a submissive yet, so maybe I’m just a dominate. Either way I’m in the market as you would say for a long term submissive. Any ideas on how I would go about getting one. I’ve been searching for a long time with no results. Master Richard

So, Master Richard, let’s just work on definitions.

In just the same way a ‘leader’ is defined by having ‘followers’, no one is a ‘master’ unless they have someone who calls them that. You don’t. So for the love of God, don’t use that stupid title unless you have earned it!

Secondly, it’s dominANT, not dominate, which is a verb. No sub worth her salt would even talk to you if you can’t get that straight.

Perhaps this is the cause of your long, fruitless search.

So my advice is, stop sounding like a prick and calling yourself stupid things like Master Richard. Stop acting as though you’re God’s gift to submissives. Just be ‘Richard’ for a while and actually work on making friends with submissive women, learning what they are into, how they like to be treated, and then, with the one you become closest to, suggest you both try exploring your dominant and submissive sides with each other and seeing how it goes.

Good luck.

So today I was in the library at my school, looking at your blog. I started grinding on my chair, getting up to the point of orgasm before a friend came over and I quickly stopped. This was the first time I’ve ever really denied myself, and it was actually good. I’m still throbbing from it, wanting to go over that edge but stopping myself. I never knew denial would be this painfully good.

Accidental denial, how wonderful.

Next time you could take a dildo:

But still, no cumming.

Good girl

I don’t know how to ask this without sounding like all the other girls who just want your attention but I genuinely need help with edging before my husband comes home. He’s away at basic and won’t return for another two weeks. For the last five months I have been cumming so many times all week, like sometimes even twelve plus a week. But I really want to change that now and be dripping and needy when I finally see him! I just don’t know where to really start! Help!!!

You managed to ask it while sounding very different, so good work! (Married, awesome; wanting to deny yourself for him, even better; Services wife, bonus points; suitably desperate sounding, we have a winner!).

So firstly making a commitment to him may work really well for you:

So honey, I had this plan. You have no idea how horny I am and desperate for you to be home but… I like the idea of making it even worse, is that too kinky? I’ve been reading about this thing called orgasm denial, so I want you to know I’m going to try so hard not to cum at all from now until you’re home.

In fact I’m going to rub myself thinking about you every day to make it even worse.

The next time I cum I want it to be while I’m buried on your cock! (Oh god even saying that just got me so wet!)

I can’t want for you to get home my love,

Your dripping and needy wife xxx

You may not want to tell him, but personally, if I was him I’d love knowing. Obviously amend the above to make it work for you.

Adding a hot photo for him to look at can never be a bad thing. If you can get a good one of damp panties that’ll probably drive him crazy in all the right ways.

If he responds well to that, you can always get him involved. Ask him if he’d like you to wear panties, or go without one day… Tell him how you want him, need him, body and soul, and you can’t spend a moment without your needy pussy reminding you of his imminent return.

That should work.

Oh, and next time he’s off on tour, perhaps he’ll tell you you’re not to cum until he’s back. We can only hope…

I’ve been on no touch for five days now. But today I met a friend over lunch, and she started telling me stuff about her boyfriend and their sex life… It was pure torture. I had to excuse myself at one point because my clit was throbbing like crazy and I was afraid she would see how desperate I am. I went to the restroom, but all I could do was stare helplessly at my wet, aching cunt… May I please touch my clit tonight, Sir? Please, just for a little while?

You may, but only while on the phone to your friend.

Have fun with that.

Hello, do you know something about “The Womanizer” or “The Satisfyer Pro 2”. Is it suitable for edging?

I was looking at those just this week. Besides having the second worst name of any toy I’ve ever seen* (seriously, who the hell thought Womanizer was a good name?!) it looks quite interesting.

 If you haven’t seen these toys they are kind of like those digital thermometers, except, they are for masturbation. Don’t get the two confused.

We don’t have one of these, but it gets great reviews and I’m not surprised, it’s basically copying the best parts of cunnilingus, sucking and stimulating the clit.

My worry with it for edging is it might be TOO good. With the sucking and vibrating function, pulling it away as you get near may be much harder to manage than with a vibe where you have more control.

Anyone who’s got one care to comment?

*The worst named toy ever was the ‘Auto Suck’- a car lighter powered blowjob toy. I’m not making this shit up:

Do not use while driving

You had an anon a while back who mentioned that she likes hearing about women getting off to her denial? I’m here to say that I think of that message every time I come :-) Touching myself to this blog and thinking about all the pretty little denial sluts who aren’t allowed to come just gets me so wet. I love coming and knowing that I’m the only one! Sometimes I get caught up in it and make myself come three or four times… In fact, I think I’ll do that now. Cheers, ladies!

Insta-post. Good work!